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Kukuri bonding

Sat Dec 1, 2018, 11:38 AM

Badge of Bonding by momma-kuku

Some Kukuris are meant to stay for life, and the bond inbetween them goes beyond anything. This is the life partner who will stay with you through thick and thin, and the one you want to see as you close your eyes at the night.

With bonding, a kukuri pair will be tied to each other, gaining +2FP bonus when portrayed together in an image or a literature (fullbody, colored and shaded). The age, sex, or subspecies does not matter - any two kukuris can be bonded together.

❤ A bond will stay even if your Kukuri changes owners.

❤ Likewise, the two kukuris can be owned by different owners, but in such event both of the owners need to do at least one prompt.

❤ The bond can be broken, but after that the Kukuri can not be re-bonded for a year.
❤ The training must be done by the owner/s. These trainings can NOT be commissioned.
❤ Only one owner can post the training into this thread, if kukuris are owned by different people, both kukuris will receive the badge!

Bonding for Love training

You need to provide 2 prompts to finish this training.
Each of the owners of the kukuris being bonded, has to do one prompt.
If both of the kukuris are owned by the same person, then they do both of the prompts.

Requirements for entry:
° Kukuri can only form a bond with one other kukuri. 
° Kukuris can't be bulk trained, meaning one entry can be used only for one pair
° Link all the Kukuris visible in the training in the description.
Requirements for art:
° Link all kukuris visible in the training entry
° For both Kukuris, full body, colors, shading, and background are required.
Requirements for literature:
° 1500 words 
° Both kukuris must be present the whole story.

I - Did you fall head over heels
Sometimes, love hits you so hard that you don’t really know what is the right way up. Perhaps you did not see that ravine between you and your love, or maybe no one told you to watch out for those pesky roots when you’re with the one you love.
° Draw or write a moment when the love was so blinding, that you did not see what was in front of you, and perhaps this ended up with embarrassment on both sides.

II - I chill you
The world is a busy place, and sometimes you just need that one quiet moment with the one you care about. Even if the world is on fire, you’re fine because your partner is there with you.
° Draw or write a moment where being in peace with your partner is all you need. Perhaps this was a peaceful afternoon with naps, or watching the world burn like your fiery love?

III - The truth hurts
This is the day. This is the day you tell your partner, the truth about yourself. How you sleep with socks on your tail, or maybe your favorite food is pickles. Maybe you’re a bit too obsessed with smiley stones, and your nest is overflowing with feathers.
° Draw or write about the moment when a odd truth is revealed about the kukuri to their partner and their reaction to it. Maybe they have a weird habit, or perhaps they just really like eating sugarvines.

IV - Remember that one time
Every couple has that one story that seems to come back haunting your life in every get together with your friends. You cannot escape it, so why not tell about it with a flourish?
° Draw or write about a storytime, over a precious memory where the duo of kukuris are having some wild shenanigans. Did you hear about that time when they built a house in the trees? Or perhaps that one time, when the herbivore partner ate all the flowers at the party.

V - Apple of my eye
It was the first time you saw your partner. Nothing was as enchanting as they were, everything else paled in comparison with that sight! How could you live without them from this moment on?
Love at first sight.
° Draw or write of the moment, when your partners saw for the first time. Perhaps it was in the middle of an arena fight, or maybe you ran into a kukuri selling violets on the street corner… And boy, were they bewitching!

VI - You like this right? Right?
Everyone has been a bit nervous in their life about giving gifts and this time is no different.
° Draw or write about that time when your kukuri was nervous about giving a gift to their loved one. Were you sure the skull was decorated enough? Or maybe the crown made out of sugarvine wouldn’t be sweet enough!

VII - For your honor!
How dare that other kukuri insult your love! Did they not know that the ground your love walked upon was holy, and this nobody did not deserve to breathe the same air as you do!
° Draw or write about the moment when another kukuri insulted your love, and about the fight that ensued over it.

VIII - So… These are my parents.
The most dreaded time is upon you. Meeting your partner’s parent/guardian for the first time. Your whole future was hanging on this… Would they approve?
° Draw or write about that moment when you went to meet the parent/guardian of your love, and the ways you tried to get their approval over your love. Maybe you had put a bit too much effort in grooming, or maybe that elephant was not a good enough gift.

IX - If you’d just listen!
Everyone fight in relationships, and kukuris are not any different. Why did they not listen to you? Surely you had told them often enough about grooming after eating!
° Draw or write about that one time the love-duo fought over something big, or something trivial. How did they make up in the end? Did they compromise over the dispute?

X - Salty
You were busted. Your partner had seen you eyeing that other kukuri with too much attention -and now you sleep in the doghouse.
° Draw or write about that one time you had to grovel to get back into the good graces of your love. How did you do it?

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babbitgoezboom Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2018  Student Digital Artist
If Kukuri's are bonded, can they breed with other kuku's or not?
momma-kuku Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2018
Yes, they can! The bond does not affect anything they do in the game.
Hevosten Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I love these prompts lol
Eqquie Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
aww this is so cute
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