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Pixie Rock



You would've missed this little rock would it not seem like it's about to burst into tiny little sparks. It almost makes you think faerie lights...

Item Effect: This rock allows miniatures to breed with non-miniatures. Chance to pass miniature mutation with normal mutation passing chance.

Rules, Possibilities, and Limitations:
  • This rock produces only one offspring in a breeding.
  • Enamored is still required.
  • The breeding cannot fail even when bred with rankless or hornless kukuri.
  • Nature's Gift and Safe Nest potions have no effect on Pixie Rock.
  • No other bonuses which can increase the nest size - such as Arisen, Double Horn bonuses - are compatible with Pixie Rock.
  • Pixie Rock can be used with same-sex breedings. However, it cannot be used in place of Etherical Rock or Celestial Rock; a miniature must be present in the breeding.

Acquired from June Monthly quest 2020.

Art by Unikeko
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