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Etherical rock



This weird egg shaped rock feels warm, and when you put your hand on it you can feel a heart beat. It seems to react strongly with kukuris around.

Item Effect: This rock allows same sex Kukuri to have a single pup. It also ensure a safe breeding inbetween Miniatures (regardless of gender).

Rules, Possibilities, and Limitations:
  • This rock produces only one offspring in a breeding.
  • Enamored is still required.
  • The breeding cannot fail even when bred with rankless or hornless kukuri.
  • Nature's Gift and Safe Nest potions have no effect on Etherical Rock.
  • No other bonuses which can increase the nest size - such as Arisen, Double Horn bonuses - are compatible with Etherical Rock.
  • Etherical Rock can be used with same-sex breedings or to ensure a safe breeding inbetween Miniatures (regardless of gender).

Obtainable from excavating activity and can be sold in the shop for 100 Cr.

Art by Loskkiy
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in theory couldn't this be used to breed a mini and a normal kuku ? o: