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Waxing all philosophical and chit I wanted to talk about Valentines Day, besides letting you all know I added a ton more fun stuff in the theme this week, because I have seen a sad and troubling response to the up coming holiday as it draws nearer.

I see the response that it's causing pain. Rubbing faces in the fact that they are not with a soul mate. There is no lover to bring them chocolate and flowers, or to give gifts too. :iconpetsplz:

I understand that, I really do. Pressures, expectations, stark painful contrasts. Holidays can hurt. But I don't think you can be the love of someone's life unless you can truly set aside your personal discomfort sometimes. Allow the joy someone else is having just for that practice alone.

I think I love Valentines Day so much because Christmas is my personal Hell. Valentines Day signals the end of that for the year. Thirty years ago this last December, a week before Christmas my little brother put a gun to his head and killed himself. I Loved my little brother. I loved him more then I can say. Every year I live with that, wishing the lights and the nonsense would just go away. It reminds me to much. So how am *I* supposed to sit with that burn inside and still play the music and create a fun time for others? I do it because I love them, because this is my road to hoe, because they put aside their pain for me sometimes, because they love me, because I know that being lost in personal pain hurts others. My brothers personal pain has sat on me for thirty years.

I truly believe that having developed the authentic ability to be happy FOR others has given me the qualities that finally brought me my soul mate. I was 46 when we met. My God what a good man I have. I don't know how long we will have each other but I am so lucky to have him now. I don't think I would have deserved him any sooner in life, I was just not good enough then, mature enough to treat him right.

All this rambling was meant to say .. I am sorry if this day hurts your heart, I am sorry if you are lonesome, truly I am. Count it all joy my friends, know this is the fire the forges the shining steal that you will be some day. Know you are not alone, never alone.. never.

You come right over here for a big `Ol cyber hug if you need one. Momma Hug 2 by Momma--G :iconsnuzzleplz: I also have milk and cookies! :giggle: Milk and Cookies by Momma--G :cookie: :cookie: :cookie: :icondancingmilkplz: :cookie: :cookie: :cookie:

Here are some plz account hearts for your use that I have collected from around dA...

:iconbigheartplz: :iconiluvyou: :iconlove: :iconmrhellz: :iconwuvplz: :iconheart-plz: :iconthankslove: :iconheartfaveplz:

: iconbigheartplz : : iconiluvyou : : iconlove : : iconanuranjanbhatia : : iconwuvplz : : iconheart-plz : : iconthankslove : : iconheartfaveplz :

:iconburningheartplz: :iconteamoplz:  :iconthe-heart: :iconluffj00:  :iconiluplz:

: iconburningheartplz :  : iconTeAmoPlz : : iconThe-Heart : : iconluffj00 : : iconiluplz :

:iconhihilove: : iconhihilove : The complete set can be found here ~> hihilove.deviantart.com/

:iconlovepinkplz: : iconlovepinkplz : The complete set can be found here in the comment boxes~>  lovepinkplz.deviantart.com/


Love by SquallxZell-Leonhart Black Heart by SquallxZell-Leonhart Red Heart by SquallxZell-Leonhart Pink Heart by SquallxZell-Leonhart White Heart by SquallxZell-Leonhart Sensual by SquallxZell-Leonhart Emotes in Love by Raneese Happy Kawaii Valentines Stamp by KawaiiUniverseStudio Happy Valentine's Day 3 by Wearwolfaa Happy Valentine's Day 4 by Wearwolfaa Happy Valentine's Day by Wearwolfaa Happy Valentine's Day 5 by Wearwolfaa Happy Valentine's Day 6 by Wearwolfaa Rose by Wearwolfaa Happy Valentine's Day 2 by Wearwolfaa :thumb77237783: I Believe in Love by pixelworlds Cupid- In The Chocolate-Stamp by Momma--G Happy valentines Day by tasuki6 Stamp: Be My Vanentine by realdeal2u4u :thumb76058594: Love by Wearwolfaa Valentine stamp by AilwynRaydom

Emotes... (If you know of another emote that would be great for this feature, let me know! I know I have seen some that I wanted to add and can't find now)

:thumb110589568: I Love You Emote by Leo-Ascendent psh....love by domkantthink :Luv: by de-Mote Sending My Love by chakkers :thumb91070331: :netlove v.3 by Gomotes Panda - Blow Kiss by Emotikonz Valentines? by dirtypaintbrush Happy Valentines avatar by CookiemagiK true love by jemnin :thumb76331245: :thumb29082440: Happy Valentines Day by sexysnails Love is... by Droneguard :thumb42099408: overflooded with love by dutchie17 :love bump: by darkmoon3636 LOVE by pro-Mote i think of you my new avatar by AyeEmAye love 3000 by AyeEmAye  :thumb111196616: :thumb111264929: :hotkiss by Gomotes :thumb107027451: :iconhugglemistress: Ow by ApatheticFantasy Sunset by elicoronel16 :thumb108500846: valentine day by MenInASuitcase Falling in love by kill4fox :thumb48444869: Valentine Trip by MrM4tty :valentinesday: by Plankhead :Heart: by Mic-Kyle Valentines by NaturallyPerfect :ninjalove: by LeoLeonardo The eyes of love... by MillyJane Companion Cube by jagscupid How soppy by UnicornReality Unrequited..? by UnicornReality :love: by Serrius07 :thumb112208457: Emoticiety Love contest by MixedMilkChOcOlate :thumb112377820:

Other fun...

The Queen's Kiss by QueenDevious   :thumb111682462: :thumb111666883: For you by peachjuice candy hearts by classina Valentines by Peeewax Love's Caress by rocamiadesign Heart CSS by Tizette-Creations Cupid Shoot by fallchildphotography Baby Cupid by fallchildphotography Spring Love by alexe16 :thumb110967921: I Luv You by Wearwolfaa Hearts in Motion by rocamiadesign Valentine's Day by rocamiadesign Amor Para Siempre by rocamiadesign Happy Valentines  Day by Ruskatukka

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anticia's avatar
Haha thanks for sharing I found some fun in it! :D
tasmia-tasin's avatar
Hey Momma--G,I need your permission.
Momma--G's avatar
For what honey?
tasmia-tasin's avatar
Well you see your journal *Valentines Day Features* looks great and I need your permission to copy some of your emoticons to feature my Valentines day journal,so can I?
Momma--G's avatar
Ohh of course you can!! Thank you for asking! :iconteamoplz: :iconhugglemistress:
tasmia-tasin's avatar
You`re welcome ^_^
VesnaSvesna's avatar
Momma--G's avatar
Thank you so much! :iconteamoplz: :iconhugglemistress:
ExFaceCake's avatar
That's a LOT of features :wow:

Sorry to hear about your brother, though :(
Momma--G's avatar
I know! A Lot!!

Thank you so much for your sympathy. :iconteamoplz: :iconhugglemistress:
kat1967's avatar
My dear friend I never knew you carried such pain inside :hug: My heart ached for you after reading your journal. :heart: :hug: :heart:
Momma--G's avatar
Oh thank you Kat. That is just a tiny corner of a very ugly start in life. My Father also killed himself etc...

I am ok.. who knows how or why.. but ok. :iconteamoplz: :iconhugglemistress:
KawaiiUniverseStudio's avatar
:wow: Now this is what I call a lovely love feature , beautiful selections and thanks so much!
Momma--G's avatar
SparklyDest's avatar
Features are still awesome. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. I worry something similar will happen to my twin brother and it is such a depressing thought. (He's in prison, silly bugger) But I am so glad you found your someone special. :cuddle: I hope you two have an most awesome of awesome Valentine's Day. Happy VD! ;)
Momma--G's avatar
Oh Honey.. I hope he finds his way in life for your sakes and his. :iconteamoplz: :iconhugglemistress:

Thank you my friend.
SparklyDest's avatar
:cuddle: Thank you, m'dear. :heart:
Momma--G's avatar
You are most welcome! :iconteamoplz: :iconhugglemistress:
Serrius07's avatar
i'm really really sorry to hear about you brother
i'm glad you can enjoy valentines day
i don't usually pay a lot of attention to it, and probably won't this year cuz idon't have a girlfriend right now
but i can still enjoy it with my friends i guess
i just made the avatar for fun
Momma--G's avatar
Thank you so much for your compassion, it means a lot to me.

I adore your V-Day avatar!! :clap: :clap:

Your love will come to you someday.. :iconteamoplz: :iconhugglemistress:
Serrius07's avatar
you're welcome


thanks again
Synfull's avatar
I'm sorry to hear about your brother. I could never imagine what its like to go through something like that :iconsootheplz:

So i'm also glad to hear you've found someone special and i hope you have a fantastic valentines day :cuddle:

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