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Great Job!!!! it's on my desktop now :D
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i love your wallpapers and i really love your style of that shade of blue with mostly dark, just matches so well with each other, but i wish youd make some 1440x900 walls :)
momentica-one's avatar
well thats the resolution of my new laptop, so probably :D
sumerkhan's avatar
i'm getting this strange feeling that there's a person in there, trying to escape. is that weird?
sumerkhan's avatar
that's what i thought... >_>
Your awesome wallpaper is included at: [link]

NORpolarbear's avatar
Brilliant work man, keep it up :D Loving the darkness and how smooth it is, the reflections coming of it is just brilliant
the-mantissa's avatar
Perfect use of style.

Works like this inspire me. Keep up the good work.

If you ever feel like a collab, feel free to check out my work and give me a shout! :)
Quattrophobia's avatar
nice shame its such a small size though ;) any chance of a 1680x1050?
weddek's avatar
Very intriguing. My new background!
minz1's avatar
WHOA! that was awesome wallpaper! thanks! i use this for my desktop ;) keep it up
Razvanrulls's avatar
awesome colors and reflections dude :thumbsup:
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Whoa, this looks really neat. It's like some crazy mechanical animal that I expect to move at any moment .... or devour some prey. It kind of reminds me of the huge bomber bugs from Starship Troopers (the ones that shit green energy projectiles), but it looks more delicate.

The reason I'm not gonna use it as my wallpaper is because it (whatever it is) looks jagged along the edges ... almost pixely to be honest.
desdinovaraj's avatar
great work buddy!!!love the shine on the object!
enzi88's avatar
bekkia's avatar
you have such mad digital art skillz...maybe if i stick around i can catch some :D
comwhizz101's avatar
WOW another great piece,

Ok this is going to be my new wallpaper :D

Keep up the great work.
jotun's avatar
very cool, really like the lighting and colors :+fav:
LenasArtWorXS's avatar
wow, I love how there's reflections on it from the surroundings, nice job! :)
paradikal's avatar
It's a damn masterpiece man !
stunning work I love the power comming out of it
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