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Submission for Luminarium - The 5th Dimension.
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Great piece mate love yur composition
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Great work love it
can U did you creat this image on photoshop or some other app
i need 2 know cuz im begginer Designer and hope 2 Become like u =)
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Looks great !
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The strings explain the chaos -- I like the idea here! Kinda difficult to represent 11 dimensions!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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This has been featured [link]
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Impressive job!!!!!!!!
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absolutely wonderfull
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everyday you are becoming for amazing. i really envy your work and cheer it of course, i'm using as wallpaper one of them.
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I LOVE that. Great work!! That is pretty much the exact kinda thing I try to make, looks amazing :D +fav!
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Collecting my order of "Wow" with a side order of "Epic"...
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You have been featured : [link] :D
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Widescreen wallpaper please! ;)
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Pretty please? :sniff:
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lol this was the original size i worked with in ps, i had a double LP of this side by side with different colour overtones as a WS wallpaper, i think its in my scraps
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This work was featured on here. [link]
Your works are wonderful! Thanks for the great art!
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Looking really nice :)
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really great :) Just love it :)
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man, you need teach me how you make those lights .__. they are simply awesome !
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