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ThE BeGiNnInG Of LoVe

I made this picture for:meow::iconsoul-of-the-shinobi:

Done in water color took me 3 days:phew:

In the middle is this:

:heart:I hope u like it:aww:
thank-u so much for viewing:blowkiss:^^
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:wow: that's so amazing! i love your style of drawing, and i especially love the flowers in this one. :hug:
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really waaa u r so kind my sweet friend :bow:thank-u very veyr much^^:hug:
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P.S. Something I neglected to say in my first comment.

This drawing is so beautiful and the theme is very romantic. It's make you appreciate the beauty of love all the more! I makes you want to fall in love yourself! :love: !!! You turned me into a dreamy romantic!! AH>>>>> !! haha
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awww:giggle: realllyy woww.... i never thought my artwork would bring out it's true message to the viewers n make the vieweres feel the mood in it i'mm soo soo happy u made my day my friend:sniff::happycry: so soo kind of uu:heart:i'm trulyy happy:nod:^^ thank-uu:heart:^^
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A GREAT work of art!

It's often very difficult to use such contrusts in colors as well as you did here. The dark background and the male's dark clothing combined with the girl's lovely kimono and the pink blossoms (I'm guessing that they are Cherry or Sakura blossoms?) contrust beautifully!! :love:

The characters are both very beautiful/handsome, and the rose that they are holding between them is a wonderful touch. You also did a very good job of drawing they're intertwined hands...

What can I say? It's perfect!

If you and your love (Maikuru) are this beautiful (that would be you) and handsome (him) in real life then you must look amazing together! :D
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:blushes: wow u'r a really good commenter^^:hug:thank-u so much i'm really happy that u think my art-work is this beautiful as u've described^^:blushes: n yes the characters r me n him^^ u have to look through our gallery's how we both look like:giggle:^^ but i'm really glad n happy u think so thank-u so so much my friend:bow:thank-u for commenting on my older work n liking it :bow:^^
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:bow:waa thank--uu thank-uu soo soo mcuh so kind of u:hug::bow::w00t:^^
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The Kimono is gorgeous :love:
And the flowers and rose are really beautiful too!
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:aww::bow:thank-u so soo much my swet friend:hug::w00t:^^
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:aww:aww thank-uu so soo much so kind of uuu:w00t:^^
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it reminds me of a couple getting married...dnno if that is the idea of it or not though :confused: still good job :D
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^^:blushes: er.. no^^ it's just the beginning of love because it started with the red rose^^ in the middle see:):hug:
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oh yeah, sorry
Mom0San's avatar
why r u sorry????:confused:
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for getting it wrong
Mom0San's avatar
oh!!^^; no prblem^^:hug:^^
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this is beautiful! i love the details and coloring *o*
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aww thank-u soo soo much:hug::bow:^^ so kind of u^^
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:D u're good... :D nice pic... but try with softer colors...
first time i comment in a page of a japanese girl :D (i'm so thrilled)
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^^:hug:arigato gozaimas:hug: i'l try :nod: my best^^ tank-u so much for commenting^^:hug:^^:bow:
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:D you're so cheery... is like u always are happy... :D
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^^really:blush: hai i m happy i have to say:nod::heart:^^ aww n thank-u for saying that i sound happy:giggle::hug: ur avatar is soo kawaii^^:hug: ne^^
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