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Wolf's Rain - Wolves and Flower

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«Wolf's Rain»

wolfs rain cheza gif 

Cheza :iconmolza:
Kiba :iconmikle-kolumb245:
Blue :icontajfu:
Tsume :iconmegraam:
Hige Burakku 
Toboe by Kylebr 

Photo :iconiigreedii:

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MaximWolfStudent General Artist
Really cool cosplay group, but I'm laughing over how Tsume looks like a manly lesbian, lol. XD 
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This is an awesome cosplay; Everyone did a great job cosplaying/portraying the characters! You don't see many Wolf's Rain cosplays which sucks because it's one of the best (older) anime around! I'm gonna be cosplaying Cheza for an anime convention next year and I'm super looking forward to it! For her costume, did you just use an already made unitard and then simply alter it? I'm picking out the pink boots and I'm also having the pink cloak made that she wears sometimes, but I'm trying to pick out the boots first so the colors can match : )
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MolzaProfessional Artist
Thank you very much, your words mean a world! o(>ω<)o
About Cheza costume: no, my costume was sewed from scratch. I suppose it can be problems with an altered unitard, cause Cheza's costume has a bunch of holes in it and unitard can simply not hold them in place cause it's not supposed to by design. For example, I double layered the top part of the suit (around chest) cause I wanted to be sure that hole will stay in place + nobody will see my breasts through the white fabric. Or mb it will be fine with the 
unitard, not sure, never done this :D If you'll decide to do it from scratch I highly suggest you choose the fabric carefully, it should be thick enough and super stretchy at the same time.
I also have a cloak and boots, but it doesn't look interesting/flattering on photos, it's just a wide cloak :D So I've decided not to wear it on this photoshoot. It's nice for stage though, you can take it off very dramatically! 
Wish you luck with your costume, looking forward to seeing results!  o(>ω<)o
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You're welcome, the work you did was super impressive! You're one of the best Cheza cosplayers I've seen so far and you did such a great job with the costume and you're so into character in the pictures! I guess I should've added that I'm not actually going to be the one doing my costume, I'm kind of cheating by having someone do the costume for me haha : ) BUT I am doing a bit of research on my own and I'm trying to figure out exactly how she'd go about making the costume, it's her profession and she is a professional after all because and she did make my costume for me this year for a convention that I went to in August. She was telling me about it and it does seem like she can make it out of a unitard and she told me that I'd have to wear it first and then she'll draw where the cuts and trims are supposed to be so she can alter it. I do trust that she knows what she's doing but then I just read what you said about making it from scratch and also because you said the unitard simply won't hold the holes together in place..hmm, I dont know, maybe I can show her what you said. But then I don't want it to sound like I don't trust her ability to make it. But I want it to be perfect and to turn out correctly.. Darn it! Thanks for the tips and everything by the way : ) Well whatever happens, I'll be sure to show you how it turns out! There'll be plenty of time anyway because the convention that I'm wearing it to is in August next year!
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MolzaProfessional Artist
Thank you sososo much! >//////////<
If you're seamstress now what she's doing that's totally fine, I'm sure everything will be great! I'm just talking about my personal concerns that I had :D
Oh, August, you have plenty of time, that's awesome! I'm sure you'll be an amazing Cheza! I'm always so happy when people are cosplaying Wolf's Rain, it's my favorite anime of all time!
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You're welcome :) Just giving credit where credit's due! And yeah, you're probably right, she probably does know what she's doing haha, I'm just being paranoid is all. Thanks for the encouragement! Yeah August is a super long time away so there's plenty of time to get it right! Can't wait to get started with this cosplay!! I'll definitely remember to post to show you the outcome of the costume! And yeah Wolf's Rain is one of my favorite anime too, the story is so deep and heart felt, it's one of a kind and definitely unique, the soundtrack is great too, I have both cds! I'm pretty sure I'll probably be the only one at the convention cosplaying someone from Wolf's Rain!
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Omg, what a beautiful cosplays la in love 
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MolzaProfessional Artist
Thank you, you're so kind 。゚(TヮT)゚。
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Excellent cosplays of the characters from my first anime! :) Everyone looks great! :D
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MolzaProfessional Artist
Thank you sososo much, I'm in love with Wolf's Rain and it was my dream cosplay project for a decade! <3
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Awesome Tsume :)
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MolzaProfessional Artist
Thank you very much! <3
Yeah, he's the best!
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EnamaerisProfessional Digital Artist
Sugoïïï ! <3 My life is complete, thank you all <3
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MolzaProfessional Artist
Haha, thank you! Wolf's Rain is my favorite anime!
Stay tuned for updates, it's goning to be more Kiba+Cheza photos pretty soon!
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