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underground factory

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an upside-down factory
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nice work .  really inspire me 
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 edispu nwod I t'nod dnatsrednu.  
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This is really good! I love it!
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Welcome to Planet Hell! :D
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wow.thats awesome!
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It looks like hell!
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It is wonderfull how interesting technology and manmade things can look, but creating something so important in lava filled place.. well they must have there really important minerals
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Or maybe it's some sort of geothermal powerplant that makes use of the lava heat.
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this reminds me of Magmoor Caverns in Metroid Prime
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This should be the new Ironforge XD
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Really cool concept!
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Is the metaphor physical or psychological?
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This factory must be working at an alarming rate.
I wonder how much money the workers gain in a month. :donut:
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I like it alot, its a well executed idea :)
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how incredible!
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There's something about upside-down cities/factories/etc. that intrigues me. The first picture that I ever saw was from a comic book called "Storm" where this upside-down city was present. Don't know which number it was.
Anyway, this is very nice :clap:
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Very nice...
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That's incredible :D OMG!
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Can almost feel the heat. Awesome!
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Wow, this is beautiful! And a great vision!
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