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snow and rock

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try some new brushes
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Ah nice creepy looking landsacape!!
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I saw your illustrations on Drawcrowd.

We have just launched an Award on Illustrations of the Future, about illustrations on "How do you imagine the Earth in the future?" or "How will be cities, society, technology, population or environment in year 2100?".

Participation is easy: send your illustration about how you imagine the Earth in the Future to #IllustraFuturs (via web) and later send it by email ( in A2 format (300 dpi). Deadline: 9th January 2015. 

You can also send an illustration that you have already done (related with future).

Awards: 3 Wacom tablets (Cintiq 13HD), 1 masterclass and the participation in an exhibition at Cosmocaixa Barcelona during a year.

More information:…

We're also on Facebook:

Best Regards,

Miquel Baidal Crespo

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soooooooooooooooooo jealous
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you paint such amazing landscapes. i'm faving them all.
what program do you use? photoshop?
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oh fuck. that one's amazing! :D
amazing.. have any plan make some tutorial? ^^
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I wish I could visit this place :-).
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amazing, it looks very real.
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I like the mood to this one. :) Good job!
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Isn'tt his based off a painting done by Paper blue?
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Amazing technique!!
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care to share those brushes?

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your work is very inspiring. how long does a piece like this take?
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It looks like the hand of a fallen being in the thumbnail.
Good practice, eh? :D
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Powerful scene! ~
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That is just fantastic. I really can't give you a fair critique because I find this to be such a fantastic piece. I really wish there was some sort of "hero" in the piece. A flower, person, dragon, whatever. Just something to help me place myself in the image.

On another note. I am looking forward to the day you make a full tutorial (with brushes!) so I can start truly understanding your style. :)
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The textures are so fantastically perfect! :0
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This looks really cool!
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