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savage girl

reference for the clothes:
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love the looks of this tribal warrior girl!
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Well done body warpaint,an her look is so primeval an just a wonder to enjoy...
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nice drawn i mean is pretty cool is based of the amazons or the mesoamerican tribes or a mixed of both
Frost7's avatar
man do u start all your drawings from grey scale?
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she'd make a good wife for [link]
CastitusLilium's avatar
Wonderful:heart: You have amazing works!!
aileen's avatar
It's very interesting that you chose to do this piece in black and white - normally jungle scenes are vibrant and colorful, the amazons covered in rich leathers and bright feathers. But your take works very well, too. Lots of depth and texture to the tones.
Umbracado's avatar
very nice.. She's attractive and wild.. the scene is very nice as well. But the skulls are her feet hints to me that she is looking for something specific in a person, or else you become jungle food.. :)
Seraies's avatar
a savagly dressed up girl
she looks very harmless for a "savage" but she's beautiful
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This has a very "Fastner & Larson" look to it. Nice!
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i know ur not gonna answer cuz u popular artist never answer but ill ask anyway, whats the trick to understanding value?
illogan's avatar
This is SO well done!!!!!!!! :jawdrop:
Celarx's avatar
this is beatiful, I'm asking myself will tehre be coloured versions of these images? :)
Lergahin's avatar
Great! I love the shading and all the details of her costume ^^
Kittys-gone's avatar
Wow that is really cool! Are you going to color it?
bwoomoon's avatar
you are my role-model.
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