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April 3, 2010
healing by ~molybdenumgp03 - This artist's work never fails to astound - everything from colours to perspective to anatomy is just perfect!
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personal worlk
get some inspiration from mass effect
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asari first, the second seems quarian. if so, why it has five fingers? should be three.
PsychedelicOrange's avatar
incredible color and detail!
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who is healing who? x3 awesome art work by the way :heart:
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do you have your OWN book yet actually?

I am looking for submissions for a sci fi and fantasy showcase book featuring talented artists. If you are interested email me at

The faq and other information can be found at the bottom of the homepage for the book.
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Good stuff. You misspelled "work" in your description.
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I can see the Mass Effect in this piece. One of my favourite games. Very inspiring.
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Best representation of Tali under the e-suit!
Great work and nice composition, beautiful women, awesome colors. I wish I could have half your talent for digital paint
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Great work! They remind me of the Shiva Sisters from Final Fantasy XIII
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Hi ...dear molybdenumgp03...!!!
This very intense Digital Art work
Digital Art / Drawings / People

is featured in Action-Portraits...!!!
Have a nice regards
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VEry nice, im working on a cyberpunk game interested in helping me with some concept art ?
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Very elegant!
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I wish I could do something like that it is insane how you painted so much beauty it is a picture truly worth a thousand words.
HAIRYLOVE's avatar
More like a thousand bucks!
TWSFreedom2306's avatar
Great inspired job!
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Cool! beautiful work :love:
FreShPAiNt's avatar
Your character work is excellent!
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Beautiful, and of course inspiring!

:D Working on some ideas myself that are partly inspired by Mass Effect. If you're ever interested I could use another creative mind/ partner/ illustrator or at least concept designs. I'll stop rambling, and of course look forward to your response if you're interested.
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