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floating island

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This gives me soooooo many ideas for my story that I am doing!
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Practice! Wow. This is amazing!!!

May I use it as a project management background (Trello, internal use only, project management thing, representing "remote commuting", WAY more boring hah!)
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Nice colouring
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Another interesting posting to appreciate, although it looks very familiar.
This artworks featured in Misty Ukishima ミスティな浮島
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Hi ! This picture is wonderful and it suits the description of an island in y fanfiction. The island will never be spoken of, so there won't be anything rude, so please allow me to use it in my fanfiction. I will of course add your name under the picture. If I have already posted the chapter when you say you don't want me to use it, it will be deleted asap. Bye !
have you read the book Invisible Cities from Italo Calvino? this work remember me one of those cities
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I wanna visit it...if it was real. :3
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Epic, wish that this was real
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looks like a fun summer destination. not bad for a practice
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Reminds me of Laputa from Castle In the Sky
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woah i would so go QuQ
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Wonderful colours.
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wow,a mountain-city...and the bridge it's like a tall cave with stalagmites, if you think about it.
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Damn cool perspective/concept.
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Lovely painting...
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Great concept! Mushroom shapes for the win!
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Wow, this is wonderful! I was wondering if I could have permission to make a banner out of this for a website I am working on.
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