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blue robot

inspired by a illustration
no other reference
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Very cool, colors and design :)
Cute, cool, and sexy.
GTSReviewer's avatar
Kinda has a kosmos feel due to the forehead circle xD. And blue hair. But still nice tho =).
Match25's avatar
such a lovely robot
J-son-Lok's avatar
Like a goddess.
foreverknight13's avatar
wow! this is incredible? do you plan on doing more of this girl at some point?
BlkKnight1007's avatar
Really nice. Has a nice synthetic look to it.
MikaInk's avatar
nice work
wonderful idea

i would add more shadows on places there tech and flesh comes together
Immortal45's avatar
Very Cool Huge fans
Seyton-Grey's avatar

Proportions are insane. The colour scheme is vibrant and gives her a playful look.
Nice contrasts with the blue and gold. Clever concept.

Her face and lips are absolutely stunning. And the heels are SO DAMN SEXY!!!!

Only crit I would say is the shading could be abit smoother. Especially since she is meant to have a smooth chassis.

This pic is so hot.
ZEROMaximusAurelius's avatar
I really appreciate the brush work done here!
richard-chin's avatar
interesing piece
GasparNolasco's avatar
She's gorgeous. Well done!
Meta-blushplz's avatar
Very beautiful! I hope it gets a daily deviation! instant fave.
AngelicAdonis's avatar
WaneBlade's avatar
Drop-dead gorgeous. Wait, no, more like drop-exploded-into-a-million-epic-burning-pieces-so-big-that-you-could-see-it-from-Pluto-dead gorgeous. Yeah, that's about sums it up!
dragonflowersplat's avatar
that look in her eyes, so tragic. like shes ready to just break
guillotinemaster75's avatar
I could be here all day adding your pictures as favourites... another amazing picture
DarkerEve's avatar
Beautiful art, really amazing.
Jennie-Wolf's avatar
You have been featured here [link] :)
Mirana-PoTM's avatar
it's a really good drawing....((hope i can colour things like that one day T^T))
and also the drawing that u did always doesn't have the black line surround the image which is really good +_+
love your drawings ^-^
KageEx's avatar
Nicely done, and love the blue-ness ^^ Just thought i would point out...there's a bit of proportion issue especially in the torso area but other than that, good job.
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