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another planet

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speed painting
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I have used this art for my song on soundcloud, is that okay with you?
I credit you in my song description

Just contact me on souncloud or reply to this comment if you do not like it
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I want to explore there! Nicely done. Color choices are wonderful.


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it looks like anakins plane crashed (aka dath vader) 
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your style is awesome!!
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This makes me think of Malacandra from C. S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet.
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Looks like the territories of Zangarmarsh in World of Warcraft. Amazing work!!! :dance:
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Such a sight, and so many memories, which I am sure lie behind this scene of art. <3
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Ещё один любитель макрогрибов) [link]
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Sorry for my russian) I forgot to switch my brain)
I've said that I like giant mushrooms too) [link]
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WOW! O.O By the way have u watched Treasure planet?
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Incredible!, it reminds me a bit about the atmosphere in Spore.
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有avatar 的感觉哦~ nice one
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Wow, this is amazing!!!

Could you tell me what software you use for this painting? And what brushes did you use to get the colors and strokes so painterly?
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X-Wing crashed on Felucia? :)
Anyway great speedpainting and style.
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It is likely just my inner (and outer) Star Wars geek, but it makes me think of Kashyyyk. Absolutely beautiful.
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Amazing as always! I love it! :D
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Very nice, great colors!
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you have a great style, funny how your "speed paintings" always look so detailed and colorful...
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