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Hi everyone :)  Hope you are well!

Gosh, it's almost been a year since my last journal entry here.

Well, I'm still busy, started a new job in the past few months, but am quite happy and productive :)

Want to do more songwriting and drawing again...Been sidelining my creative side for too long now :D

All I have at the moment to share are a pair of makeup and no-makeup selfies:

Hopefully that will change soon, and that I'll have some nice new content to journal about, Anyway, thanks for reading, and hope to write here again sooner than a year :D


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United States
I love songwriting. My mom plays piano and guitar and wrote her own songs since she was a child, and my brother and I grew up listening to her beautiful compositions about life, love and spirituality. Very inspiring! From Mom, my brother and I learned to make our own songs from a young age as well! (But not cool ones like hers...Ours are very ridiculous!)

My mom tried to teach me to play piano when I was little. Although I didn't take well to it (I didn't like piano practice) and so didn't get very far, I think it still gave me a great musical foundation and helped me develop musicality. She also taught me to sing, which of course further encouraged my interest in music. Thank you Mom! I can't imagine how much harder it would have been for me to learn guitar and songwriting if I didn't have that foundation (for example, knowing the notes on the piano and major triads.)

My aim in each song is to tell a compelling story. I aspire to take full advantage of the multidimensional nature of music, so that both the lyrics and the musical accompaniment enhance the story, above all else.

My musical idols: Sarah McLachlan, Elton John, Cat Stevens, Paula Cole, Boy George and the Culture Club, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Muse, Holly Cole, Neil Diamond, Bobbie Gentry...(probably a lot more that I left out)

I only have 13 of my songs available for listening right now. I only know a little piano and I just started learning guitar several months ago, so the musical accompaniment is minimal, but I as I learn more music theory and become better at these instruments I hope to develop the songs further. Here are the links to the recordings on YouTube:

Tamed -…

The Ocean -… (piano version) and (guitar version)

Question - (with a Labyrinth slideshow haha)

I Have to Know (just 1 verse so far recorded) -

Your Lover - (guitar version) and (a capella)

Your Sovereign -

The Heart of Stone -

The Sky -

Words of the Lover -…

The Ocean's Daughter -…

A Bird Has Caged My Heart -…

Capricorn -…

The Music Takes Over -…
I also like to draw and take pictures just for fun. Sometimes I try poetry and prose, too. I joined DeviantART mainly to look at beautiful artwork and read wonderful literature. I'm never disappointed; there is a wealth of talented artists on DA. You know who y'all are---ROCK ON!!!

**Don't be creeped out if I watch you and/or fave/llama badge you without leaving a comment...I often stumble upon an awesome gallery but don't have time to write a detailed comment, so I watch/fave and run so that I have the deviant artist "saved" and I can go back and comment later when I have more time.**

Also, I often take a long time to answer comments, but I do get around to it eventually. And I don't usually thank individually for faves and watches, but every one is noted and much appreciated. Thank you all for the support and encouragement!!



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Ardhamon Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Hiya! It’s me!! :D
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Hiiiii :D

bigadley Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2017
What a nice and sensitive corner of DA. I hope you continued success in all your art forms
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Thanks for the watch and recent fave
mafjr Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2017  Student
Wow I was here searching for something totally different and I ran into your profile. I absolutely love your music. I'm thinking We should collaborate on a project.
alphadash27 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016
Literature talent AND singing! You are beautiful! 
Eronicavel Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I like your stuff! When will you be posting more here and on Youtube?
Be-lover228 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016
Thank for the fav, hope you enjoy both type of my work.
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Molybdenum-Blues Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hi LB!  How goes it?  Hope all is well with you and the family :)
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