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Deep In Their Hive

This was a commission done for the ever-patient TheScalyBard! <3 Two of her lovely ladies as Xeno Queens, deep in their shared hive!

This is not the end of Xeno art from me either, not by a long shot. 8T might take me a bit to get to another Xeno-centric piece, though! In the meantime, enjoy this one! <3

You can find this + other work in the AVP Archive on my Gumroad Store 
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Aww~ They look so cute together!

RedSlenderwoman's avatar

You should do one of the Xenomorph King!

MoltenGoldArt's avatar
If I'm paid for it, sure, haha.
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Oh, that reminds me of a story I wrote. I had this idea to have two Alien Queen's sharing a hive, it was so cool, and then a few scenes afterward, the two Queen's chase an APC across a city. But I ended up taking out the second Queen because I brought in Alien crossbreeds instead and replaced the second Queen in the APC chase scene with just one Queen, a Bull Alien, and a Rhino Alien.
sisterawesomeness's avatar
Deadly and scary but cute. 
Shadowstalker55's avatar
At first I thought it was a king and queen.
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Hello there !
I recently found your art on tumblr, reposted and in black and white, without the source :…
Was very disappointed because it doesn't seems like an artist tumblr and decided to search, luckily I found out the source :D
MoltenGoldArt's avatar
Aaaahh I know of him. 9__6 he's done this with some other art of mine. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!
LadyOfTheYautja's avatar
Oh thats so well done :) i love the vibe it gives off and the coloring is great :)
FarawayNewWorlds's avatar
This is so utterly beautiful and reminds me a lot of the two queens in my own story. Finding this really made my day! It's an amazing piece of art! 
Lethal-2468's avatar
This is absolutely amazing, I thought one of them was like an empress an another a queen at first but still spectacular.
NinjaStripes's avatar
Shit just got real! XD
KitNore's avatar
TRVartwork's avatar
This looks awesome and can you draw the Xenomorph king ----->…
MoltenGoldArt's avatar
Thank you! I don't do requests though, sorry!
TRVartwork's avatar
Yarr that's okay. :)
Alizzcolombia13's avatar
It's awesome I looove  the red light, is a very good detail!!!
warrior1944's avatar
That is a epic and awesome picture and even more impressed it has 2 queens, hell just drawing one is a huge challenge for most artists O_o
So they have a shared hive, damn, means they will be both egglaying there most likely in the same room O_o The xeno drones/warriors will be busy moving eggs in there xD

Awesome work! :D
predatorog2's avatar
awesome i like  the lighting and detail you gave them really amazing job you did here. 
MoltenGoldArt's avatar
Thanks so much! <3
SchattenLotus's avatar
Are they fighting? :D
MoltenGoldArt's avatar
No. They're lovers.
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