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ARPGS, check TH for main art x
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woah art

P:SunnyLand | Trainer Mol by HoodieGrump, visual art

mourn today remember tomorrow

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eclipse more like insert witty joke

yo what the fuck


female - 23 yrs old

heres my favourite gif and some losers


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Sheeeet man, thank you for all those favorites! <3

What's up dude you got some time? What are you up to? I saw the status update about your new soundcloud and I gotta say music rots your brain bro gets the chemicals all unnatural back in the cave man days no one cried because there was no music or girlfriends and you would eat mammoth every day because theyre so big you cant miss with your spear and cry about it and when they invented music like singing and drumkits people started missing mammoths and getting girlfriends and writing poetry so you gotta go back to your natural state man I only bathe using bottled water necause thats stuffs from glaciers except one time I had to use Fiji and it messed up my hair texture for 4 days and I had to use tree sap to get the right stickiness back. But yeah ever since I stopped listening to music my brain chems have mellowed out and I have a very low tolerance for bird song but I really like wolf howling and cow moos since theyre just so classic you know but i cant really drink cow milk since I'm lactose intolerant after I got a minor surgery and the antibiotics destroyed my gut flora so i ate plain yogurt for half a year every day but back in the cave man days they didnt have yogurt or milk usually I think so its for the best and besides if they didnt like birds noises theyd just eat the birds, sort of like old school tiny pretzel bags you know?. But yeah music will Kill you dude at most I'll do tame impala but thats because my mom would play that at me in the womb so its sort of a primordial emotion and not really music especially on vinyl but I haven't owned a record player the last few months since I sold it to buy another pair of japanese denim jeans with that antibacterial indigo dye, recently ive only been wearing denim since I dont have to wash it since the smell of laundry detergent kinda gets me in a trance state like I swear there are like those funguses growing in some of my clothes but I think I got used to them and its kind of cute thinking that I'm warming them up but its too early to be a dad or a pet owner like thats more responsibility than anyone can handle so if the fungus dies off I'll try not to let it bother me. But don't mess with music man I swear try listening to some songs backwards you'll know what I mean, none of it will make sense

Do you think Homer Simpson could smoke weed? I imagine him often, lighting a blunt or a joint (delivery system for marijuana smoke). He lights it with a basic plastic lighter. He takes the first puff. His eyes widen. He is surprised at the potency of the smoke, but he enjoys it. He enjoys the taste. At first, the burnt aroma is off-putting, but he soon learns to appreciate the aromatic, herbal notes present in the weed smoke. He luxuriates in the smoke. It surrounds him like a comforting blanket. As he takes his second hit, he marvels at the intricate network of woven “hairs. on the surface of the marijuana bud. It reminds him of a tapestry he once saw at the town museum. He is getting higher and higher with every hit. He’s never felt this way before. He experiments with smoke rings, exhaling through his nose. He feels that his mind is awakened. He is in a dreamlike state. He feels comfortable. His muscles relax. He is surprised when he notices how thirsty he is. He has never smoked marijuana before and he thought the thirst inducing properties of marijuana were purely fictional. He drinks a glass of unsweetened iced tea. Marge has been encouraging him to drink unsweetened tea instead of beer or soda to help him control his weight. In the past he drank the tea with reluctance and without enjoyment. But now that he is high he notes the complex flavor of the tea. It is smoky, bitter, tannic. He enjoys it. He is amazed that something as simple as iced tea is bringing him so much happiness. He picks up a chunk of marijuana from the kitchen table. “I could get used to this,” he thinks. “I’ve never felt this way. All of my senses are heightened. I feel serene, yet alert. I never want to stop being high. I want to be like this forever. I’ve fallen in love with marijuana and I never want to stop smoking.”