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Welcome to my gallery. By clicking the button below, you'll see most of my best work including fan art, original characters, stories, comics and more...


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Svarog LaForge, brother of Moloch. Unlike his brother, however, Svarog is a merciless, careless, vile murderer.

His quirk, "Compact", allows him to instantly multiply his molecules and condense them until he weighs as much as a building. He becomes immovable, and impervious to harm, and can use this quirk to varying degrees to not only defeat the strongest heroes, but endure them as well.

In the absence of One For All's power, All Might is back to basics, and trains his body from the ground up. With any luck, the once-mighty hero may again wield the power he used to become #1.

Boku No Sketchdump
More MHA bullshit, almost certainly pushing my Sonic-fan watchers closer to the "Unwatch" button (stick with me guys, I'm taking a break from Sonic).

In order:

1: Jack O'Spieler (now with glasses).
    Quirk unknown, though it's assumed it has something to do with bending reality.
His quirk almost certainly comes from his own, psychological manipulation of the things he sees, creating not only illusions, but tangible weapons with items he's "enhanced" (ie, his deck of playing cards). He is still struggling to master his rather unstable quirk.

2,3,4,5: Spade, Heart, Diamond, Club (in that order).

After nearly being destroyed both mentally and physically, Jack was able to split his mind into 4, unique personalities, each represented by a playing-card suit. Each were given a physical body, though they are still merely an extension of Jack, the Master entity. This freak anomaly created four, very polarising people who Jack can summon as a highly dysfunctional "team".

Spade - A liar and a coward, Spade will do anything and everything for his best-interest and survival. He is often caught lying, complaining, making excuses, or outright fleeing dangerous situations.

Heart - A cheerful, selfless individual. Heart sees the brighter side of things, always speaks truthfully, and does what he can to make others happier. He laughs at jokes which most wouldn't, and will be the first to stand in danger's path.

Diamond - Diamond is stoic, calculating, and acts as logically as possible in every situation. However, he can manipulate others if he thinks it will lead to a greater good. Diamond doesn't think inwardly, but he isn't foolish or emotional. He's reliable, but doesn't sugar-coat the facts.

Club - Basically a raging asshole. Club isn't dishonest, but he is the cruellest of the bunch. He's vulgar and aggressive, dismisses others' feelings, and will pick a fight with anyone. He's the strongest of the suits, the most fearless, but doesn't play well with others.

6: Harrison Quill.
    Quirkless detective. As a regular human, Quill had to teach himself many skills to keep up in a society filled with heroes and villains. He's athletic and intelligent, knows various martial arts, including gun kata, but can let his self-confidence get the better of him. He's well-meaning, if a bit cocky.

7: Gradius.
    Quirk - "Intuition". Gladius is a vigilante with the ability to predict the outcomes of others' actions based solely on gut-instinct. His quirk allows him to act with lightning precision in response to others' movements, and can practically "sense" what someone will do just by observing them. He reacts better to immediate actions, though, and predicting the future gets hazy the farther away it is.





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