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Happy Birthday DA by mollymoon16 Happy Birthday DA :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 3 0
Passion Perfume Prologue
Prologue: The Sinis Trio escapes!
The Union was in uproar. All thanks to a certain group of people. Ice, Lavana and Heath of the Sinis trio as well as Kincaid had escaped from jail.
"Hey! C'mon I want the footage of the break out 5 minutes ago! Move it we gotta track 'em down!" yelled Sven his dark hair flying backwards as he ran across the union with his Luxray trying to find out where the escapees had gone off to. Right now the only thing that he knew was that the convicts had set off a koffing smoke bombs and escaped by helicopter from the prison. All they left behind was a note saying "we will crush the Union" and a can of ultra hold hair spray. Suddenly two rangers ran through the door of Union HQ, they were top ranger Keith with his trusty Buisel and top ranger Kate with her loyal Pachirisu, the two prodigies of the Ranger Union. The pair raced up the escalators and to the 4th floor where Chairperson Erma and Professor Hastings were, just as Sven and Wendy entered the room.
:iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 3 0
Mature content
An Encounter in Lake Valor :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 82 31
Chapter 2: Sven
Chapter 2: Sven
Kate's POV
"Big sister wake up its morning" yelled my hyper little sis Holly. Is know I sounds weird but I kinda missed being woken up like that. Usually it was an alarm clock or Keith that woke me up. Of course once I was awake I tended to smash said alarm clock off my best friend's head. I'm not much of a morning person. I'd been at home 3 days. My mom had fixed all of my uniforms and my dad had even bought me a new pocket knife so I knew they'd been worrying about me. Knowing this helped me make my decision. I decide to go back to work to do some things that the others were to busy to do.
[I can't just leave everything to the others just because of the Sinis Trio and Kincaid. Even if all I'm doing is the INCREDIBLY boring stuff, it'll mean the others can focus on Kincaid and the trio. I mean I know how hard it is filling out the paperwork after a mission when you just want to go out again and help the people who need you but it still has to done. It's the same with p
:iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 7 0
Passion Perfume: chapter 1 by mollymoon16 Passion Perfume: chapter 1 :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 8 0
TAC ch4
Tales of Almia Castle
Chapter 4
~~~"Let me go!" she shouted, kneeing me in the stomach. I doubled over in pain as Kate-n00b and her partner skidded backwards to a safe distance on the ice.
[Damn she got me while I was distracted!]
I was pissed off. There was no way I could have calmed down so I switched into my icy outer character.
"Well looks like your not so vulnerable after all ne Kate-n00b?" I smirked, getting out my minimo unit and calling a Fostlass.
"It's either top ranger Kate or ranger Kate to you!" she snarled with an excited grin on her lips.
"Heh looks like you're a glutton for punishment top ranger Kate-n00b." I smirked with sarcasm dripping off every syllable of "top ranger". I expected her to blush or get angry again but instead a very catlike smirk (a lot like my own) graced her lips.
"Hmm…well that is true~" she spoke softly playing with every syllable before slowly sliding her pink tongue over her mouth. My eyes were glued to he
:iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 7 5
Tales of Alima Castle ch3
Tales of Almia Castle
Chapter 3
~"Heh I'm guessing you've only heard rumours about the Sinis trio…but now your up against their leader. My my you look kinda cute when you're scared…" I chuckled brushing my hair out of my eyes and stepping closer to her. "I mean that look of fear in those clear blue eyes makes you look just so…" I stepped forward again. "Just so…" another step forward. "Vulnerable…" I was only an inch away from her now. Her look of fear increased as I pulled her into my chest and tilted her chin up.~
[Yes! She's completely frozen! Looks like I will be having a little fun on this godforsaken mission but I need to get some information from her first.]
Looking down at my new toy, I saw that her cheeks had turned blood red making me smirk and lick my lips.
"So…Kate-n00b why don't you tell me what you've been told about the Sinis trio."
Luckily, Kate-n00b understood the position she w
:iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 6 8
Tales of Almia Caster Chapter 2
"Ah I'm guessing you're that new top ranger I've heard so many good things about! I know I must seem pretty suspicious but why on earth would I come here if I wasn't a researcher?" I smiled noting the light blush and wide eyes when I said I'd heard good things about her. She obviously wasn't used to being praised or recognised. Unfortunately, it didn't last very long.
"How do I know you're not part of team dim Sun?" Kate-n00b frowned raising her eyebrow adorably.
"Do I look like I'm from team…er what was it….Dim Sun?"
"…I guess not…" she muttered, looking away. If Kate-n00b hadn't looked away she would have saw a very catlike smirk grace my face but luckily for me (and my reputation) she didn't.
Tales of Almia Castle
Chapter 2
"Alright then! Now that you know I'm not from Team Dim Sun can you please open the barrier and get the blue gem? If you do I promise to give you an ice-cream soda~" I smiled looking direc
:iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 6 8
Tales of Almia Castle chapter 1
hi^^ this is a very slightly editied version of my story from fanfiction(that was filled with all sort of errors) that hopefully will be less frustrating to read as i remember getting alot of complaints when it was 1st published. plz tell me what u think ^^ (and if any1 knows how to get italics on this)
Tales of Almia Castle
Chapter 1
Ice's POV
I was staring at the damn barrier that was stopping me from getting to the blue gem while my idiot grunts still couldn't find the two right blue beings.
[Man it's obvious that we need two Riolus! There're even two Riolu statues on the barrier but those idiots were too busy discussing how they don't have names to realize that!]
I felt like bashing my head against that damn blue barrier! I didn't of course, as that would ruin my cool, emotionless, gentlemanly image.
"Chipa! Pachi chipa!"
I turned r
:iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 9 0
cupid and heartache by mollymoon16 cupid and heartache :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 2 0 Kwaii cartoon dolphin by mollymoon16 Kwaii cartoon dolphin :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 3 0 Ice loves Kate by mollymoon16 Ice loves Kate :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 7 4 Ice x Kate by mollymoon16 Ice x Kate :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 17 6 fishy by mollymoon16 fishy :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 2 0 puppy by mollymoon16 puppy :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 3 1 my ID by mollymoon16 my ID :iconmollymoon16:mollymoon16 1 0


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Very important announcement!!!!

I will give away a one shot with a plot and pairing to the person who can create the best book cover for Passion Perfume which will be used as the title image for the story. the story can be any rating but if the winner requests a lemon, I'll have to upload the one shot to another site. Just come up with a plot or situation, a pairing of your choice(including characterXreader but not characterXOC) and I'll get it up within a month of announcing the winner you will be credited in this work and will have the right to post the story on any other site as long as you give me credit as the author. If you are interested please pm me so I can set up a closing date for the competition. If you would like to see any of my stories they are all here in this happy little link =^-^=


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