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Mr. Mon in acrylic paint. by MollyMittens Mr. Mon in acrylic paint. :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 4 0 Mr. Mon by MollyMittens Mr. Mon :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 3 8
Mature content
Ever So Crazy part 2 :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 2 2
Mature content
Ever So Crazy :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 6 2
Filling Pools by MollyMittens Filling Pools :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 4 6
Shall We Dance
A lot of memories were created on this roof. Gerald’s first sleep over, countless parties and now, under the soft but luminous glow of the hanging lights but over the most elegantly set table, Arnold was about to create a memory he knew she’d cherish for a lifetime.
“ you like the” Arnold asked with shaking hands as his heart kept a jungle beat he hadn’t felt since San Lorenzo. Gazing at her-he could not get over how lovely she looked, her silken hair falling around her face and rose pink dress perfectly. Why doesn’t she wear it down more often, he thought to himself. I love her pig tails but this...this...his eyes half-lidded-his mind swimming with too many romantic thoughts to picture.
“ it fine! It’s...I never knew you could cook duck Arnold!” Helga said, blushing slightly. She tucked a tendril behind her hair-herself feeling just as nervous as her dapper draped date.Oh MAN is he handsom
:iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 8 12
Cubist Gerald by MollyMittens Cubist Gerald :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 11 12
Mature content
Twelve Steps of Hope: Book two:Step 2 :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 2 6
Cubist Arnold by MollyMittens Cubist Arnold :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 10 17 CubistHelga by MollyMittens CubistHelga :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 8 44
Helga Get's Arnold
“And...I know. I mean...what if I say it and he says no?”
“How can he say no to you like-linking him? It’s how you feel Helga.  He can’t say no to your feelings!”
“I know...It’s just...” and she keeps babbling. On and on. The same thing I have heard since I was three years old. Oh I like Arnold, OH, I want to have him. But what if I can’t get him? Well you sure as heck won’t if you don’t tell him. It’s high school already and you can’t even get one word out to him? I HAVE HAD IT! AH! I spot Arnold and I can see him looking at her, his eyes all googly. I know the look. Gerald gives it to me all the time. It’s utterly sweet coming from him but from Arold, it’s just plain sad.
“All right! I have had ENOUGH!” I grab Helga’s hand fast-too fast for her to speak and march her over to Arnold. “Arnold-she likes you! Helga-he likes YOU! Now can you just get married
:iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 5 10
Six Feet in Hillwood part 5
I must be crazy.
“Hello, you have reached the cell phone of David Fisher. Please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.” Crap! Now David won’t answer. COME ON!! Why is NO ONE answering? And why can’t stupid Mom get a stupid phone! Ever since Nate died she’s been wanting closeness and the ONE NIGHT I try to get that, she’s not there! Where IS she!!!
“This stop is... Canal St. Please stand clear of the doors.” I walk out into the mobs, still feeling agitated and keyed up. How can he leave his cell off? How can Mom not have one? How can I get tricked into eating with my therapist! My therapist!!!! What was I thinking? Why did I even come out here!!! Nate was right. I should have stayed with Ted-back in Cali. Maybe then my life wouldn’t seem so senseless.
I rush up the steps, my head spinning with thoughts the whole way. What if I can’t hack it here, what if I DO go home and Ted
:iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 2 0
Brainy's Advice.
“Have a nice day!” Yea...right...I turn away from the cashier and try to walk off when I see someone I had not seen in years.  His glassy eyes scrunch in a smile.
“Well hello there.”
“Hi.” I try to dart past but he moves slightly to block me.
“Can you just...”
“Need to get home?”
“Well where else would I go with Aspirin and soda? A rave?” Brainy chuckles a little before settling back into that sickeningly sweet smile that won’t ever leave his unpunched face.
“So there’s the wit I’ve longed for. Still as sharp as it was in fourth grade.” Criminy...
“Well whoopdy-freaking-do. What are you going to do? Offer me a book deal?”
“If only you would accept it.”
“Listen Helga, I know you. I have a plethora of old bruises to prove it and you never tell people what's wrong. You just gloss it over with threats and jokes and hope the poor bastar
:iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 3 0
Mature content
Life with Brain 3: Breathe :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 1 2
Mature content
Life with Brain 2: Guilt. :iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 1 4
Life With Brian
He’s on my couch. That FUCKING-FOOTBALL-HEADED-BASTARD is on my couch, snoring away his drunkenness while I stand over him.Wheezing. It would be easy to assume I’m happy. Hell, if I read this scene in some book I’d be cheering me on, silently telling myself that this how it has to end. That THIS-THIS!!! is how it should be.
And if it WERE in some book there would be details to support me, details that would justify my giddy laughter as the golden boy’s last breath drew to a close, eyes popping out of his sporty head as my pillow fluffs him dead.
Helga said it was just a kiss. One simple little peck as he drunkenly sobbed on about his grandparents passing. They were in some bar. He was trying to steady himself when he slipped, his lips just so happening to fall on my PREGNANT wife. Really Shortman? That’s the line you’re going with? THAT'S the trite you force my dear sweet Helga to say?
My knuckles go white as I think about it, holding my pillo
:iconmollymittens:MollyMittens 4 6


Haensel und Gretel by dwarfeater Haensel und Gretel :icondwarfeater:dwarfeater 89 19 Yin-Yang Pizza by MammalMage Yin-Yang Pizza :iconmammalmage:MammalMage 2 2 Daily Paint 2343. Rainboa by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2343. Rainboa :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,497 121 fruity by parrotte fruity :iconparrotte:parrotte 810 28 SP - Reflections by JoeyJazz SP - Reflections :iconjoeyjazz:JoeyJazz 1,808 99 Patreon banner by Sallyhot Patreon banner :iconsallyhot:Sallyhot 143 4 Helga Is That You ? by kerenitychan Helga Is That You ? :iconkerenitychan:kerenitychan 82 33 Hold Me Tight by UloveME143 Hold Me Tight :iconuloveme143:UloveME143 46 18 A Sly Encounter Part 62 by gameboysage A Sly Encounter Part 62 :icongameboysage:gameboysage 108 92 Sally Style Challenge by Art-of-Matthew Sally Style Challenge :iconart-of-matthew:Art-of-Matthew 41 14 A Sly Encounter Part 65 by gameboysage A Sly Encounter Part 65 :icongameboysage:gameboysage 116 106 project acorn by MaceWindex12 project acorn :iconmacewindex12:MaceWindex12 10 4 Sally Acorn in Lingerie by KrystalAngelDemon Sally Acorn in Lingerie :iconkrystalangeldemon:KrystalAngelDemon 181 28 Sally Acorn by WizardlyWalrusKing Sally Acorn :iconwizardlywalrusking:WizardlyWalrusKing 102 18 Daily Paint 2253. Indingo by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2253. Indingo :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,643 102 Daily Paint 2254. Cookie Batter by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 2254. Cookie Batter :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 4,939 146



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United States
I came to this website to upload my photoshop workings in the hopes that my skills would expand and become something wonderful. Instead I got sucked into the Hey Arnold Fandom through the numerous groups I found here and I couldn't be happier!!!

Current Residence: Houston
Favourite genre of music: Trance/Techno/Electronica/Ambient/ Bassa Nova/Classic Rock
Favourite photographer: My former roommate.She always accidentally takes a photo never realizing how great it is.
Favourite style of art: Minimalist/Abstract.
Operating System: Mac OS
MP3 player of choice: Always a biter of the Apple tree.
Favourite cartoon character: Depends on my mood...right now, Gadget Hackwrench.
  • Listening to: Ladytron station on Pandora
  • Reading: The same old books. I need more books.
  • Watching: Loads of things.
  • Playing: This game called Life?
  • Eating: Girl Scout cookies. They're like crack!
  • Drinking: Coffe. Chock Full O'Nuts anyone?
And it will be a TV movie.… I'm just happy we'll finally have some answers.


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