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Oekaki for Cancer Research - Contest
I am going to be running a competition to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I'm sure many of you have had your family's lives touched by the disease in some way - I know I have. So I want to give back to the charity that helps combat cancer - and I need your help!
How do I enter?
I would like you to draw me a picture using an oekaki applet - that's PaintBBS, OekakiBBS or ShiPainter. It can be any size you like, and what's more, you can draw anything you like, as long as it's not adult-themed (as this journal will be viewable to those of all ages). If you draw something related to the competition itself, however, that would be fantastic!
If you don't know what Oekaki is, it's a free Java applet that runs in your browser. If you want to give it a go, check out and for examples!
So...what's in it for me?
The prizes:
:star:1st prize - a 3-month deviantART subscription and a special feature in my journal.
:star:2nd prize - a
:iconyayster:Yayster 29 38
self-portrait by kamilsmala self-portrait :iconkamilsmala:kamilsmala 1,060 66 3 by AramN 3 :iconaramn:AramN 119 59 Wonder by joy-ang Wonder :iconjoy-ang:joy-ang 4,040 174 Terrorsel by joy-ang Terrorsel :iconjoy-ang:joy-ang 11,024 702 Bread by InTheNameOfArt Bread :iconinthenameofart:InTheNameOfArt 242 28 Alice and the Gryphon - color by bluefooted Alice and the Gryphon - color :iconbluefooted:bluefooted 4,939 286
Antique photography
The European 20s were such an interesting period... People were tired about WW1 and thought that they had seen it all, that nothing worse could happen... when I watch those old pictures I try to look in the model eyes and guess what they felt, and what they will feel in their future, which is our past of course... blablabla... let's have some thumbs.
Here is a list (that I hope is complete) of all the vintage stocks you will find on DA. Some of the pictures are more than 100 years old! treat them with respect ;)


(a special mention for this one... very poetic... seems that all the pics are coming from the same family album...)

stock025 by stock-cube stock--- by stock-cube
DAV-001 by antiquarian COL-006 by antiquarian STJ-005 by antiquarian
:iconhelium-raven:Helium-Raven 88 24
BatBus by mwoloshen BatBus :iconmwoloshen:mwoloshen 3 8
Journalfav - Featuring The Best dA Journals
:sun: The concept of journalfav is simple—send us a link to a journal piece that you feel is exemplary in some way, with a description of why you feel it deserves to be held up as one of dA’s better journals/ journal entries.
Whether it struck you as particularly intelligent, hilarious, moving, fascinating, well-written, whatever made you wish you could fave it, send us a link to it, with a short blurb detailing why you liked it so much.
As long as it is deemed to be of some interest to the dA community (and isn’t just your best friend’s latest wail about her fingernails, or your buddy’s hatred of purple M&M’s-- unless they are truly side-splitting and/or brilliant) it’ll be added to our list as a dev with a link to the journal below it.
This is a great way to reward those people who put a lot of time and effort into making their journals creative outlets, and more than merely “what’s new updates”.
:sun: So,
:iconsalshep:salshep 33 37
Droplet by imaginee Droplet :iconimaginee:imaginee 734 128 Venteur by logic0 Venteur :iconlogic0:logic0 1 4
Research: Ants know when they are going to die
Ants not only work hard and are prepared to lay down their lives for their fellow ants, they also take bigger risks for the good of the colony as they get older – and they can even assess how much time they have left in life.
:iconmicahgoulart:micahgoulart 7 10
Race to the Stars by digital404 Race to the Stars :icondigital404:digital404 204 23
Crossing Bifrost - Norse Mythology Features
Before the world there was only Ginnungagap; a huge gap of emptiness.

South of Ginnungagap lay the home of the fire giants, Muspelheim, and to the north the cold and frosty realm of Niflheim.

The creation of the world began when the warm air from Muspelheim met the cold ice of Niflheim. From this the giant Ymir and the cow Audhumbla came to life.  

Ymir drank from Audhumblas milk while the cow licked a salt stone and this caused the the first man being born of the stone. He was called Bure and he later got a son Borr who together with the Jotun daughter Besla fathered the Æsir god Odin and his brothers Vile and Ve.
When grown-up Odin, Vile and Ve killed the giant Ymir and used his blood, bones and teeth to create the world. They created Midgard from his eyelashes and then picked two trees and created a man, Ask, and a woman, Embla, who became the first humans to live in Midgard and the ancestors of all manki
:iconchakrabird:chakrabird 104 100
don't run away.I just wanted by barbarasobczynska don't run away.I just wanted :iconbarbarasobczynska:barbarasobczynska 719 226




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ei9 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014

 Hi Molly,

      I just want to say that You have some of the most breathtaking work that I ever seen right here in DEV ART. Girlfriend you are a major talent that can do anything to drawing to dooling and Painting as well. As you can see that I have a few of your masterpieces in my faves and can't wait to see your upcoming stuff as well.

          Keep doing what you been doing, homegirl and Godspeed!

PlayrJames123 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
The fighting image resembles a lot from the style of Nick Botting's, brilliant work capturing the drama in the scene.
NoeliaRaincloud Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011
Your style is amazing! Especially love your drawings! Watching fo' life :D
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