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SpaceGirl Stalker

Sirena Starstriker set her little rocket boat, the Planet Duster, down near the ruins.  She exited the Planet Duster with her little alien pet, Zad, and curiously examined the alien tech centered in the ruins.  "This structure is old, Zad; yet it doesn't match the stonework surrounding it.  I'm thinking we may have found an artifact of the Origin Engineers.  We'll be famous!"  Her little companion, Zad, began squeeking nervously.  It had noticed what Sirena had not: a phase blaster was being leveled and she was the target!

Molly's art notes: Some Retro Science Fiction Fantasy!  Set up and rendered in Poser 11.3 Pro.  The Space Girl is based on LaFemme and she is wearing an old Retro SciFi Suit called "Rocket Queen" that is for Victoria 3 (God knows where Mike got it) and refitted and rerigged for LaFemme.  Her little pet, Zad, is a stand alone figure I found in the same runtime directory as the Rocket Queen gear.  The alien holding the blaster is a reworked version of Michael 3.  The Rocket Boat is the work of one of my favorite content creators at Renderosity: Cybertenko.  Check out his stuff! :heart:

There is another picture here: SpaceGirl Stalker - 2 by MollyFootman
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I really like the retro style you used here.
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I hope it's just a paralyze beam !
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You are familiar with the various settings on Phase Blasters, eh? LEGO Eyebrows 

Seriously, though, I'm glad you enjoyed the picture enough to leave me a comment, my dear! :hug: