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SpaceGirl Stalker - 5

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Character  Space Girl Location  Infinity and beyond
Qo'X depressed the firing stud of his Phase Blaster and the resulting bolt of energy engulfed Zad knocking him away from the inert body of his mistress.

Molly's art notes: Some Retro Science Fiction Fantasy!  Set up and rendered in Poser 11.3 Pro.  There was considerable postwork done in Photoshop to show the effects of the Phase Blaster.  The Space Girl is based on LaFemme and she is wearing an old Retro SciFi Suit called "Rocket Queen" that is for Victoria 3 (God knows where Mike got it) and refitted and rerigged for LaFemme.  Her little pet, Zad, is a stand alone figure I found in the same runtime directory as the Rocket Queen gear.  Qo'X is based on Michael 3.

There is a previous picture here: SpaceGirl Stalker - 4 by MollyFootman

The next picture in the series is here: SpaceGirl Stalker - 6 by MollyFootman

I don't know how far I'll pursue this little series featuring Sirena Starstriker and little Zad but the first picture is here: SpaceGirl Stalker by MollyFootman
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Inert or immobilized? The space baby's physical orientation (other than toppling over/forward) seems identical to the moment when the raybeam struck... lots of paralysis beams in 1950,s sci-fi, as I recall.