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Mommies Are Mandatory


Book Preview


Book Preview

The night was still young and the sun had only just set, but already things had started to wind down in Taylor Watson's bedroom. She sat with her legs crossed on her bed, a laptop rested on her thighs. Her friends, Tiffany and Karley, sat on either side of her. They both watched the screen and listened as Taylor read the webpage aloud. "...featuring a beautiful, wide-open campus and botanical gardens for those who enjoy nature…" Karley looked as if she might fall asleep. The three girls had spent the past few hours going over colleges. They had spent the past few years of high school as the best of friends. The last thing they wanted was to go to separate universities. Unfortunately, finding the right school for each of them, and simultaneously all of them, proved difficult. Bzzzzt...bzzzzt…bzzzzt… Taylor's phone vibrated beneath the bed sheets. She was so fixated on the college she didn't notice. Thankfully for her, it was wedged firmly underneath Tiffany's butt. "Oh! Oh

Losing Control (Time Skip)


Losing Control (Time Skip)

"Let's get you out of that sticky dress, sweetie." Rachel stripped him of his stained dress and told him to sit quietly as she searched through her old clothes for something extra feminine for Jamie. She was pleased to find that Jamie obeyed her without question. He was clearly distraught with his soggy diaper in plain view, but there was nothing he could do about it. Nothing other than ask Rachel for a diaper change. "I know you said it's best for me to wear these…" said Jamie, "...but I really think I can hold it...and these diapers feel so...icky." Rachel chuckled. "Is that so? Maybe they wouldn't be so icky if you didn't wet and cum in them." A pink doll collar dress caught her eye and Rachel pulled it free. A pair of bright pink rhumba panties came with it. Rachel raised an eyebrow. "Tell ya what, Jamie. Why don't we give you a little test? Something to help us decide what to do with you." Jamie perked up. "Anything!" "I'm going to put you in this dress and stretch these

A Diapered Outing


A Diapered Outing

Disclaimer: This story contains AB/DL scenes.        It wasn't like any other normal day; the weather was lovely and the sun was shining, so it was no surprise people were getting ready to cherish such a rare occasion by enjoying their day in the outdoors. One couple in particular, Miles and Sadie, were extremely excited...or perhaps, only the latter was. She was in the kitchen browsing on her phone, kicking her feet happily, as she waited for her boyfriend to get dressed. It wasn't everyday that she wouldn't be supervising him getting ready for the day, but Miles was insistent he was a big boy and he could dress himself; Sadie obviously di

This sleepover is a bit of a mess

Sarah's Visitor: Chapter 1/4

Korra's Unfortunate Diapering (Commission)


Korra's Unfortunate Diapering (Commission)

“Are you kidding me?! Again?!” Korra glowered towards Tenzin and back to Jinora. The elder Airbender sighed and raised his hands defensively, trying to calm down the Avatar as best he could. “I’m sorry Korra, but you know the rules for staying here. I promise this will be the last time Jinora’s put in charge whilst we’re gone.” Korra groaned and held her head in frustration. She was 17, and the Avatar for crying out loud! Being babysat by a 10 year old was just demeaning. It was three weeks since Korra had arrived on the Air Temple Island, looking to pursue Airbending training from Tenzin and the

A Lifestyle Punishment

Diapered and Educated (ABDL)

Sleepover in Twinleaf Town

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