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MK Female Ninjas Wallpaper

Good old classic UMK3 female ninja color swap :D
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Can you post in transparent background please?

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good to see them in there real bodies
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Why do so many people insist on including Frost with the rest of the female ninjas??? Just because she is a ninja, doesn't automatically make her one of the female ninja clones. It would be the same as insisting that Kenshi is one of the male ninja clones just because he is a ninja, which of course is ridiculous, because everyone can see that he doesn't have the same design.

Frost OBVIOUSLY doesn't have the same design as the female ninja clones, and she is OBVIOUSLY not one of them. If anything, she is actually a clone of the male ninjas, because she has the same design as them. If she was present in MK3, she wouldn't look like Kitana, Jade and Mileena, but much closer to Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Besides, we already have a blue female ninja in Kitana. There can't be two blue female ninja clones. I don't know if you have noticed, but the ninja clones never have the same colour, which is yet another proof that she isn't one of the female ninja clones. 
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Technically, when Mortal Kombat first came about, both male and female ninjas have almost typical designs besides color. Then, PS2 games like Shaolin Monks and Deadly Alliance changed all that, with each one given a unique detail, like hairstyles, cuttings on their suits, and mask designs. So the above design is before PS1, assuming that those other than Kitana, Mileena and Jade existed at that time.
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Thank you for info, but I'm already perfectly aware of how the costume-designs of MK developed over the years. However, my point still stands: Frost's look is based on the design of the male ninjas (even though she made her debut after all the characters got their distinct designs), not the female ninjas, thus she is not part of the "female ninjas" (all of them aren't actual ninjas, but hail from the same design) even though she is a ninja and a female. I'm sorry, but you can't have two blue female ninjas. There is one ninja per colour, both male and female. 
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While they are both blue, Kitana is sapphire while Frost is ocean (or more accurately, cyan), if we follow the above pic. Of course, since Frost is a woman in a man's outfit, you are right about the fact that she can't be among the female group. If it were me, I will put her in middle ground, not mixing her with either side. Putting her with females would be weird, putting her with males would be awkward. I'll have to declare an indecisive vote for this.
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Now you're just nitpicking. Saphire, ocean, cyan... they're all different shades of blue, but they are still the colour blue. Maybe not scientifically, but at least to the naked eye. They are simply too alike to be distinguished as different colours, especially when we're talking about video game characters that are representing different colours. Besides, it's not like Kitana has had the same shade of blue in every game. She has had various shades of blue througout the installements, so my point still stands: There can't be two blue female ninja clones, and I don't think Frost should be in this picture.

I do agree With you that Frost shouldn't be paired with the male ninja clones either. I wouldn't pair her up with anyone really. So I guess we agree in that regard.    

PS: I know that this reply comes terribly late, but I haven't been active on DA for some time now, so sorry about.   
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Kitana, fans
Mileena, sais
Jade, staff and razorang
Khameleon, unarmed (generally Reptile set)
Tanya, unarmed (fire-powers)
Frost, unarmed (generally Sub-Zero set)
Skarlet, paired short swords and other blades.
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Great. really niceNod 
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this is really cool
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Thank you very much :happybounce:
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nice artwork Molim
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Wow OWO I think Frost looks the best :shifty:
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What are the names for the Grey, Light Blue & Red ones? I'm guessing the Yellow one is Tanya?
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Khameleon, Frost and Skarlet
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Thank you so much ♥
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I love Kitana on the left
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It seems that Frost doesn't like buns. ;)
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Her hair is too spikey to work it into buns.
Probably why she keeps it cropped short.
After all, that's where her Chryomancer chill radiates from.
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She's too cool :D
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