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Status: Closed for a bit
(10/14 slots taken)

Regular: 100USD

Commission for Belliko-art (Momo) by molegato Commission for Digital--Quill (Amura) by molegato Commission for Tokyozilla (Neotokyo) by molegato Commission for Trubbol (Warren) by molegato Commission for MaximuxGrowler (Kit Tea) by molegato
Chibi: 70USD

Commission for SilverStarStruck (StarStruck) by molegato Commission for Zack-Xeno (Zack) by molegato Commission for Dogrocket (Kidd) by molegato Commission for ArmadaPaw (Armada) by molegato Commission for Ponacho (Ponah) by molegato

Information & Rules (PLEASE READ!):

  • You can ask for more than one character in the same scene. Price is per-character.
  • Adding animation cycle: 15$
  • Reposing of previous commission 15$
  • Alternate camera mode (still, half-turning) +15$
  • Alternate textures (different clothes or colors) +15$
  • If you *really* like my work, any extra tip is welcome :)
  • Every commission gives you a feature on my profile queue widget until your character is done!
  • Queue can be checked on this journal
  • All commission types share the same queue
  • For points commissions don't directly donate, I'll create a commision widget just for you: please use it!
  • Please don't send me reference pics with penises. I don't need to know how is your character's penis.
  • I reserve the right to upload these anywhere as some sort of portfolio. I'll not claim the character design is my own.
  • Commissions now come with a signature, but you can request a clean version to be uploaded too. Just send me a note once the commission is finished!
  • If you want to order a large amount of characters/props for a game, animation, comic or any other kind of project, send me a note, we can discuss an alternate work route instead of clogging the commission queue, which will give you your models faster.
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2 min read

Hi! How're you all? It's been a while! And there's been a lot of stuff changing lately!

So that's why I'm summarizing it all in a journal. :)

Latest commissions made:

Commission for Alexys (Connor)
Commission for Rutilated-Quarz (Hugo)
Commission for Fledermauuz (Azure)
Commission for Yarnetail (Nemo)
Commission for Axovoxel (Axi)
Commission for @Harryamoros (Harriet)
Commission for @its_dooper
Commission for Lune-Spirit (Lune)
Commission for @Sonacoon (Alex)
Commission for Alexys (Makii)

Now developing Frogun!

After finishing up Supersonic Tank Cats, I started development of a new game! It's called Frogun and it's a platformer in which Renata must use the frog-themed grappling hook gun to traverse dangerous ruins.


There's lots of screenshots, gifs (mostly gifs) and news about it on my twitter, and of course on my discord server! Please join if you want to know more before anyone else. :)

Commission price change:

Since the commission queue spends full more time than open, I'm raising the prices of commissions from 80USD/60USD/10USD to 100USD/70USD/15USD. That means the full-size commissions are now priced at 100USD and the chibi sized commissions are now 70USD, with added animation to either being 15USD.

Of course if you're already in the queue (even if you didn't pay the slot yet) this doesn't affect you! You keep your price. :)

Remember that if you want a slot, you only need to send me a note telling me what kind of commission you want and give me some references. More info here:

Supersonic Tank Cats is on sale


As part of Steam's lunar new year sale, Supersonic Tank Cats is 33% off! If you like very fast and very silly racing games, and want to support my work, please give it a go here.

And that's all! I hope you are safe and healthy, and I hope you have fun with these news! :)

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1 min read

Hi everyone! I've got BIG news! The game I've been working on for more than three years, Supersonic Tank Cats, is out of Early Access on Steam now! And it's also on Gamejolt!

It's been a long way. At some points I've been just this close to quitting. This project has made me happy, sad, angry, excited and anxious at different points. I hope you can enjoy it.

You can get it here in Steam, and here in GameJolt, and it's launching with a 25% discount!

Please let me know what you think, as nothing could make me happier than to chit chat about the game with you all. <3

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1 min read

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since last journal! Since new DeviantArt won't allow me to notify watchers when the commission journal is updated, I'll try coming up with more updates. :)


Starting with the big dish, I wanted to show you the latest commissions I've made, and to tell you that there's a bunch of open slots! You can see the commission rules, price, etc. here.

Commission for Eldestbro
Commission for Eldestbro
Commission for @FreelanceOttoman (Coffee Pot Guy)
Commission for Akira-Naga
Commission for NeonWabbit
Commission for Akira-Naga (Linus)
Commission for MoonBased (Warren)
Commission for Kamezdov (Axl)
Commission for Eldestbro
Commission for Zukuro (Hector)
Commissin for Zillycan (Giganax)
Commission for @7kocaao

Supersonic Tank Cats

Supersonic Tank Cats: Bakeneko (In-game)

Development on Supersonic Tank Cats is almost finished. I've been slow lately as releasing in summer wasn't a good idea, but expect v1.0 soon!

Molegato's Lowpoly Mines

Always a good moment to let you know that I've opened a Discord server where we can talk about lowpoly, videogames, and anything else remotely related. You can join by clicking here. :)


2D animation?

I've also been practicing a bit with 2D hand-drawn (digitally) animation. I've only made a few things, but I hope you all like it!

Bandicoot spin
Dharani - Anim 1
Dom Souls
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