Would you like if I offered more expensive playable game commissions? (Little PC apps in which you can control the commissioned characters to do a few actions in a closed area)
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Yes, that sounds fun
Yeah, if I could choose all of the actions
Nah, it sounds too much of a hassle
That sounds too expensive
I'm not interested at all
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KiwaTecHobbyist General Artist
That option sounds really promissing! I’m sure many would be interested, I myself would be. But again, price is the key factor in this :)
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DRamos97Hobbyist General Artist
I've actually been curious as to why this hasn't been a thing yet. YCH mini games. I suppose it might sound pricey to some.
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molegatoProfessional Digital Artist
Maybe so! I think maybe because it seems like a lot of work. I guess having several basic options (like one in which you fight enemies, one in which you walk around a house, etc.) could get some work streamlined. It's a super interesting and deep topic! :D
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DRamos97Hobbyist General Artist
That could work. Driving a little cart around seems fun too.