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By molegato

Status: Closed for a bit
(11/14 slots taken)

Regular: 100USD

Commission for Belliko-art (Momo) by molegato Commission for Digital--Quill (Amura) by molegato Commission for Tokyozilla (Neotokyo) by molegato Commission for Trubbol (Warren) by molegato Commission for MaximuxGrowler (Kit Tea) by molegato
Chibi: 70USD

Commission for SilverStarStruck (StarStruck) by molegato Commission for Zack-Xeno (Zack) by molegato Commission for Dogrocket (Kidd) by molegato Commission for ArmadaPaw (Armada) by molegato Commission for Ponacho (Ponah) by molegato

Information & Rules (PLEASE READ!):

  • You can ask for more than one character in the same scene. Price is per-character.
  • Adding animation cycle: 15$
  • Reposing of previous commission 15$
  • Alternate camera mode (still, half-turning) +15$
  • Alternate textures (different clothes or colors) +15$
  • If you *really* like my work, any extra tip is welcome :)
  • Every commission gives you a feature on my profile queue widget until your character is done!
  • Queue can be checked on this journal
  • All commission types share the same queue
  • For points commissions don't directly donate, I'll create a commision widget just for you: please use it!
  • Please don't send me reference pics with penises. I don't need to know how is your character's penis.
  • I reserve the right to upload these anywhere as some sort of portfolio. I'll not claim the character design is my own.
  • Commissions now come with a signature, but you can request a clean version to be uploaded too. Just send me a note once the commission is finished!
  • If you want to order a large amount of characters/props for a game, animation, comic or any other kind of project, send me a note, we can discuss an alternate work route instead of clogging the commission queue, which will give you your models faster.
© 2014 - 2021 molegato
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AvtumnAntlers's avatar

hello!! i wanted to check if these were still open before noting you <3

molegato's avatar

Hi! I've closed them just now, as I'm having a very busy time and I want to clear up a bit the queue before opening them again. :)

AvtumnAntlers's avatar

understood! i hope life settles down for you :D

molegato's avatar

Thank you very much! I hope so too! :)

fezzamond's avatar

hey quick question, are your models rigged? would i have to pay extra for that?

molegato's avatar

Models do come rigged at no extra cost! :)

crocodile-pudding's avatar

are these still open? i'd love one!

edit: i'll need to save up first!! next time, hopefully! :0

molegato's avatar

They're totally open. :)

When you want to grab a slot, just send me a note.

crocodile-pudding's avatar

ok!! i'm hoping to get one when i get paid, hopefully i'll be able to snag a spot! :0

ScripScraps's avatar

what image size do you use for your textures?

molegato's avatar

Most commissions are 64x64 pixels :)

Lord-of-Sloths's avatar

I didn't realize its still open I would love to snatch one i'll send ya a note.

ragebutcooler's avatar

hi i was wondering, what 3D art program do you use?

molegato's avatar
TheKillerCritic's avatar

How much would creating 3 undershirts cost? Each of them are for a different character I intend to edit in for PMX editor.

molegato's avatar

Just undershirts? My commissions are generally geared towards full characters.

TheKillerCritic's avatar

Yeah. I've got the models I'm going to place the undershirts on. I just need the shirts to place it on them for PMX editor.

Katarina-Arts's avatar

If I order one, will I be allowed to put it in my toyhou.se ?

molegato's avatar

Of course! You only need to add credit. :)

deidaraart5's avatar

I was wondering if you get the 3D model file along the rendered GIF version?

molegato's avatar

Yes, if you request it, you can get the model file of your commission. :)

A number of people have used their models for different projects or as avatars in VRChat.

deidaraart5's avatar

Absolutely fantastic to hear 👀

TheExoticWonders's avatar

molegato I might plan to commission you if I'm able to

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