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Molegato [GIFT ART]


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Molegato [GIFT ART]


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Artist Features 2

Month 2 of features! If you're featured here, then someone really likes the art you made for them! Be it a gift, commission or art trade! ~Pokeark ( :iconcasixt: :iconchronic-rose: :iconpulvares: :iconpowerpussy: :iconchickenbusiness: As for the artist I commisson... I have a lot of faves and I tried to pick one from each artist qwq You can see my favourite people to commission on my page! And some gifts!


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Want remarkable commission? (no, not from me XD)

Because *molegato ( is offering 3D in an interesting cartoonish and chibi style. There are a lot of 3D artists on DA, but I rarely meet works like his... if at all xD . Info can be found there here There are some examples to quickly show you ^^ He can do humans, anthros and ferals, even action poses >3>  surprised that I advertise somebody? Well, he is doing a raffle :eyes: Wish me good luck, because I'd really like to have one XD Though I'm more interested in that cartoon style than chibi, but I would need to sell a lot of commissions myself to afford it xwx

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Molegato [GIFT ART]


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