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Skanda-The God Of War

Murugan -the god of war!
he's known by many names such as
Guha,Devasenapati,Kumara and Mahasena.

According to Vana Parva of Mahabharata
Skanda was born to Agni and Swaha.. for the purpose of destroying the growing army of demons and their leader Taraka,and to maryy the beautiful ousin of Indra,Devasena ..

Swaha was in love with Agni and she approached him under the guise of Siva(the wife of Angirasa,not to be confused with Shiva who is Rudra/Sankara)..
Agni happily accepting her as his wife ,because he him-self was in love with the wives of the seven sages.He married and copulated with Swaha thinking that she is Siva(wife o f Angirasa) in the forest.
Swaha thought to her-self that if she was impregnated with the child
then it would cause a slur amongst the wives of the sages and so ,she took the form of a bird to fly out of the forest easily carrying the seed of Agni, she then threw away his seed in a lake.

After she threw away the seed of Agni inside the lake she continued her love-play taking forms of six of the wives of the Saptarishis.. continuing her act she threw away Agni's seed six times inside the same lake on the first lunar day.Swaha could not take the form of Arundhati because of here devotion to her husband Vasishta.
When the sages knew of this incident they divorced their wives doubting their chastity and these wives of the six sages of the Spatarishis came to be known as the Kritikas.

Soon a child of terrible prowess was formed out the seed in the lake and the fact that the child was a cast-off ,the sages named him as Skanda.The baby assumed its form on the second lunar day and grew to the size of a little child on the third and his limbs developed on the fourth.Having six faces,twelve limbs and sharp teeth, the child being surrounded by masses of red clouds flashing lightning, resembled the rising sun!
then seizing the bow used by Rudra to destroy the three cities, he uttered a terrible roar ,then the entire universe trembled at his voice!

Skanda became adept in the art of war and served under Indra as the generalissimo of his army and married Indra's cousin(not daughter) Devasena-who waited for her destined husband before he was even born.

In other texts such as the Shiva Maha Purana and Kumarasambhavam, Lord Karthikeya was born to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

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Thank you for this info, I had never known there was an alternative to the story of Muruga being the child of Shiva and Parvati. Awesome artwork!

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Can i purchase this as a print anywhere?
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I thought Murugan was the son of a number of gods: Shiva and Parvati, Agni, Ganges, and the six nymphs of the forest (forgot what they were called)
Oh well, mythology goes a long way, doesn't it?

Btw, I love your depiction of the gods, it's absolutely awesome, and the description for each one!
im relating a lot of the hindu rigveda scriptures, as how these tales were used to frame the religion of hinduism by the aryans. basically Muruga was a tamil god, just like Shiva. they were just spirituality seekers and warriors. but rig veda to unite all the gods they incorporated everything and created a tale that best suit all. 
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Neither of them are "Tamil gods" they are Hindu Gods and worshiped by all Hindus.

well done, I am looking forward to the 150 million dollar blockbuster movie animated version of the Mahabharata using your skills in theaters near me.

Well done, I will be looking for the animated version 150 billion dollar blockbuster movie in theaters near me.
Wow I see you are extremely skilled.I and one friend have come up witha manga plot , but we cant make our own manga because our drawing skills are very poor.If you are interested in getting paid to make our manga , contact this email address.
Amazing artwork! May I use this as a profile picture on a forum? With due credit and a link to your devaintart page =)
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yeah, Kratos can suck it.
he is actually shivas first son
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wait i have to update the description.
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Hi dude safe to say am your fan in just a day there are so may forms of shiva one of the mightiest and furious from of shiva is sharabeshwara would love to see your work on it
love the karthik pic would love to see his six headed 12 armed posture with 12 weapons in a more modern look
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luv ur drawings....its nt d same stuff....its sumthin dfrent n has got its own style....!!! :D
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very very beautiful work.
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KArtikeya... gotto lov dis..
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FINALLY I FOUND YOU! Jeez, I would see your illustrations all over the internet but I only just now found you.
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Sir, I love how captured his character as a warrior god!! Also love the burning village in the background!! La la la la 
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Kartikeya was never that cool and kickass. Nice Job Dude.  
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Also god of tamil language ....

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Steampunk Indian God of War?
Is that... A sniper?!
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Mind blowing man!! I bow before your talent.
Love and respect :) Keep up the amazing work

Is it okay to share your artworks?
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