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Sage Agastya

By molee
he is the founder of the martial art, kalaripayattu and the language tamil.
agastya is a chiranjivin.. which means he ages very slowly, so slow that he's capable of living for a million years.. so he's supposed to be living even today.
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i want this painting let me know how it order ,and online there is no buying option available i m ur fans
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Sage Agastya Muni is said to be still alive at the hidden city of Shambala / Shangri-La ----a transcendental kingdom of celestial beings, deep in the HImalayas !!
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Brilliant characterisation... Did you take any reference to model this character...?? The attention to detail and the feel is simple mind blowing.
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well i did take the reference for that saffron cloth but other than that ,no.
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Okay... Thats great...
Doing it from the scratch is even more challenging...
also loved the way you have rendered the grass and the background. Adds a lot of value
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hehe:) cool character
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according to our culture he actually exists..
so yes i believe that he exists as well.
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killer stuff man!!.. are you doing some sort of a series?
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