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In ch93 of the Yuddha Khanda of the Valmiki Ramayana, Lord Rama uses the Gandharva Astra and he kills about 10,000 chariots ,18,000 elephants , 14000 horses with their riders, and 200,000 foot soldiers with superhuman speed in a matter of three hours.
The Rakshasa army assume there are thousands of him in the battlefield owing to his speed.
Rama finally turns into a blazing discus killing everyone and finishes the move.

yes all the badasses are shadow-clones of rama in this pic
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Shadow clones? Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

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Amazing work but what is the Gandharva Astra? Is it a divine weapon? :3
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Astras are supernatural weapons that the Devas made that can be summoned through specific invocations.
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Ah, thank yo very much! :3
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Rama... he's a Vishnu incarnation, right?
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Vishnu's seventh incarnation, yes.
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I forgot just how badass rama was...

I so want to see a good, modern film version.
There is an excellent Ramayana Anime
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Really? What's it called, because that sounds right up my alley
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It's pretty good, but the fight between Ravana and Rama was a bit of a let down, since the actual battle involves them engaging in what is essentially chariot dogfighting throughout the entire universe.
Well to be fair, No one knows the actual battle, since it happened like tens of thousands of years ago (perhaps much earlier than even that)
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I dont have any idea of who is Lord Rama but looks amazing!
All in photoshop?
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Read the Ramayana, it's a damn epic story
Lord Rama is an Avatar of Vishnu

Basically he's God, incarnated on earth in Human form
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He looks like he is as fast as Flash (from JL) :D (Big Grin) ...Hey there is a guy up in the air with a sword... now that looks so cool too!! La la la la 
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The Flash would be jealous of seeing Rama go that fast! (So does the Gandharva-Astra allow him to have super speed then?)
Also who's the badass doing the 'superman' through that elephants trunk?
It's confusing what the Gandharva astra actually does. Either it makes you appear at many places at once or gives you such superhuman speed that others will perceive you at many places at once. Either way, the effect is the same.
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Massive fan of your hinduism work. Please continue the Astra line!!!
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