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Hiranyakashipu(golden-haired) after his brother Hiranyaksha(golden-eye) was killed by Vishnu, he vowed revenge on the Gods.
Hiranyakashipu performed penance for thousands of years to attain supernatural powers meditating on the self-create Brahma!
He asked for the boon of immortality but Brahma refused saying "there can be no creature of a form which can be immortal, I my-self I am not so ask for any other boon!"
Hiranyakashipu then asked Brahma that he would never be killed by any human form, animal,with weapons or bare-handed, neither in the day nor at night,neither outside nor inside,neither above nor below! Brahma told him "so be it!"

Hiranyakashipu conquered the three worlds and sat on the throne of the king of gods Indra, but unlike Indra the great he was arrogant, lived like a tyrant and made all the gods including Indra, Vishnu ,Brahma and Shiva bow before him! for none of humanoid form could defeat him!

But Hiranyakashipu had a son, his name was Prahrada and though he was just a child he was not fond of material pleasures.
Prahrada always supported Vishnu in the matter of his uncle's death and this angered Hiranyakashipu greatly.
Hiranyakashipu tortured Prahrada everyday for he did not heed to his father's words.
One day, Hiranyakashipu beholding a pillar near him mocked his son asking him "if the almighty is everywhere, is he in this pillar too?"
Prahrada said yes! and in anger Hiranyakashipu broke the pillar with a single blow from his mighty fist.

But then they heard a crackle, like the crackling of thunder! and lo came out from the pillar the incredible Narasimha(man-lion)
His form was neither human nor of an animal,
Narasimha and Hiranyakashipu entered into a fierce battle, and finally Narasimha gained the upper-hand by fighting with his claws as he was neither armed nor bare-handed.
He took him near the entrance of the hall and sat below the arch... neither outside nor inside.
He forcefully kept Hiranyakashipu on his thigh..neither above nor below.
Naraismha then tore Hiranyakashipu apart with his claws and wore his intestines as a garland of victory at twilight, which is neither day nor night!

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The tale of Narasimha is one of my favorite and beautiful  tales I ever heard .  Narasimha was one of the most interesting  and badass deities I have ever met . This shows us also how many patterns of hero there is . Narasimha is not an knight in white armor as we westerners believe is the best kind of hero   . At first glance it is an ferocious monster ( lion was and is one of the most feared creatures after all ) as he not only butchers Hiranyakashipu , but before that he mercilessly  crushes all his dreams and believes that not even ashes remained , that this demon never had any power  , was perhaps that , aside death , was the biggest cruelty  Hiranyakashipu had experienced from his hand . But like on this picture we meet a different site of Narasimha . He came for Prahlada , for one defenceless boy , defends him with all his might and power , he uses his intellect and cunning since when Hiranyakashipu received this boon  the Brahmin made , then the wise Brahmin made this to have a catch . Narasimha represents something that modern art forgot completely . First - Hero must be a cunt . Second - He must be good to everyone . Three - He must submit himself/herself to the world . Four- He can't do  a damn thing to a villain . Five - He can't be cunning , intelligent enough to smell a rat or to see through people and must suffers every blow  . Narasimha crushed all of this dumb patterns like a true boss and in my heart he will be forever an inspiration how to be a badass hero :) (Smile)
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almighty gods,  Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara bows to no-one....
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Any chance that we could someday see Narasimha fight Sharabla too? Your artwork could only do that scene justice.
Tbh this brings to mind a more violent version of the Kool-Aid Guy. Being all like: *busts down Hiranyakshipu's wall* I'm here to fuck up yo whole life! :D (Big Grin) 
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In this avatar Narasimha before killing Hiranyakashipu without any pity and mercy crushed all his dreams , hopes and believes in being invincible proving him , that he never had ANY power and he could always end his miserable life . The fact that Hiranyakashipu realised that everything he thought was a lie and now Narasimha will gut him alive was the biggest cruelty Hiranyakashipu experienced from him .
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Hercules and Vishnu too of the coolest myths!
may be you forgot to tell that Naraismha is Avtar of God Vishnu.
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this is pretty amazing - you really should do more goddesses - i think the visceral nature of your work could really come through regarding the multifaceted quality of indian goddesses - for example i think you could do something amazing with Saraswati's intellectual prowess. you really focus of making them all rounded as opposed to simply being wives, mothers or warriors.
A great pic and a great legend!

And I love the way a lot of religions and folktales use these "neither A nor B" puzzles; they seem to be a universal human trait. In the Welsh Mabinogi, for example, Llew's birth was such a shame to his unmarried mother that she cursed him to have no wife of any race known on earth, so her brother Gwyddion makes a wife for him from flowers.

Later, when the flower-wife betrays her husband (or, to a modern eye, avenges her kidnapping and rape) but knows that he "cannot be killed during the day or night, nor indoors or outdoors, neither riding nor walking, not clothed and not naked, nor by any weapon lawfully made," she tells her new lover that he must kill her husband "at dusk, wrapped in a net with one foot on a cauldron and one on a goat and with a spear forged for a year during the hours when everyone is" (because this pagan tale was written down by Christian monks) "at mass."
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Nice art.... Are you going to draw the killing scene ?
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
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I've never really found a good description of the story of Narasimha despite the descriptions from Coleman and some mythical beast guides I tend not to trust. Though I'm impressed at this.

Strange, I usually picture Narasimha wielding a sword. Maybe too much gaming then...
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Magnificent to say in the least. :clap:

But its too small man. Its hardly satisfying !!
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Thanks man! :aww:
If I have to make it larger I'll need to add a water mark making the picture look very ugly.
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I know its asking a lot but could you send me a pic a bit bigger than this. I want to fully enjoy this one mate. Its just really brilliant !!
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You sir are magnificent. Marvelous work and this was a pretty epic scene.
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as always awesome
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thanks man! :D
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nice work anirudh :)
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