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Hi Molee - i am from New Zealand. Very impressed in your art. Would love to buy some. How can i contact you ?

I am available on

My mobile # is : +64 27 263 8315

hi, would like to buy your artwork, please mail me
Hey Anirudh, How can I contact you
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He actually looks like Govinda (Bollywood actor) at first.
How do I buy this as a print?
Really like your depiction of the mythological characters as strong humans with rugged lines rather than the Ravi Verma school of soft lines and chubby body habitus...
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Jiah Sri Keshavam
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Why is he not holding the chakra in his first finger?
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also, some inspiration from destructo disc 
Hey Anirudh, Is there a contact number or mail Id where i can contact you !
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 the chakra he's holding is 7.5 feet in diameter and has a pole across the centre(like pokes of  chariot wheel,but here's it's just one that goes across) similar to a "banned" symbol.
plus my creativity. 
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Which "banned" symbol are you referring to?
I am become Time, Destroyer of Worlds
The Solver, as well as the Preacher of the truth of Solution!
Absolutely brilliant work!
Rarely has art done such justice to mythology

Would love to see a series on Draupadi !
u.u esta genial
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Wrong description bro. But love the art !!
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i think dA screwed up lol.. this was meant for my rama using gandharva astra
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Chakra lukz awEsoME...!
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looks like it ll wipe out the whole planet..
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