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Hi, where and how can i buy this art?
this is amazing! i wish i could draw like you, so i can paint the gods from my country
I want to paint Sidapa the handsome and robust god of death and his consort the pale and comely boy Bulan who is the moon
Your work is amazing, but I have seen so many people just sharing it. Maybe you should put some sort of watermark  in the side - just so  people know hwo made this.
Nice Art
     though you wanted a country bad boy look, but he was the King & in-change Yadava Army the look dosen't suites Lord Balaram

you arts work is really good...
if possible can you put watermark on sides or edges....
rest your work is great....
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i expected more !
genial lord balaram :)
Nicely caught "Varuni" of Balarama or Halarama. But the color does not belong to him. Balarama is considered incarnation of "Adi Sesha" and hence was described in Mahabharath as well as in Bhagvath puran as "white" or "pale"
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Fabulous as per the character.... applause
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As always it was really exquisite. Blue really becomes of him. But he would have looked really badass and absolutely in character if he was wielding a real weapon rather than a farming instrument. That being said this goes really well with the set up; with the young face and the bottle of rum and the devil may care attitude and all. :clap:
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his weapon was the farming instrument.. he killed many with it.
and thanks! :aww:
btw the drink is called varuni, it's an ancient wine from india.. it was his favorite
Balarama was also best with Gadha, master of it & even taught it to Duryodhana.

Next time you can try with Gadha
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Oh !! I have never heard that name before. And about that farming instrument, I wonder with his power and the force he's gonna plant that plow in someone's head, he's gonna need a new one every time he faces a new enemy !! XD
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I'm gonna be honest, I look at him and I get this redneck vibe off of him.
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Redneck as in Daryl Dixon vibe? if so..I won't retort.
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...[looks up Daryl Dixon, which is needed due to lack of watching Walking Dead]

Not what I was going for, but looking at this picture man does it fit.

My opinion came from his expression, the grass in his mouth, and the bottle he's holding.
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I'm great at Analogies!
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I never knew him as a alcoholic.... but luv dat badass look!! Gud Job!! wave remake
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With that drink of  in his hand, that straw in his mouth and having that country bad boy look on him, I can imagine him being like the Dukes of Hazzard! XD
Hey is it true that Balarama is like the 9th avatar of vishnu or is it Guatama Buddha/The Buddha? Because I can't tell which is right or not :/

By the way, you excited about the upcoming 'The Age of Shiva' book?… Its going to have the essence of comic book fiction fused with epic hindu mythology!
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my exact intention - country bad boy look :D

not sure about him  being the 9th avatar.. considering that the dasavatar concept was made much later.
and incarnations such as matsya ,kurma and varaha originally belonged to brahma..

but balarama is an avatar of vishnu as far as i know. he is born of vishnu's gray hair(seems vishnu's aging).
another theory is that he is vishu's snake - shesha.
Yeah I understand that Hindu mythology has evolved and merged :) Nice art
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So cool and badass it hurts. *__*
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