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Hi, do you license your images? I would be interested to use one for a book cover. Thanks.

Is there any tutorial where I can learn a bit on how to draw like this? Of course I can’t draw like this since this is a talent. I just want to know did he draw this on a paper, computer? Any tutorials he might have? Thanks


I would love to buy a digital copy from you. Are you selling this piece? Thank you!
I am interested in purchasing this from you as a print/high quality PDF. Could you please provide your contact details and price? 
That's great. He is mentioned as black in color. Actually most Asuras were white, there is no sun in the nether regions may be ha ha. Sharmistha daughter of Danava Vrishaparvan is mentioned as the fairest skin.
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awesoem bro.... want to see abhimanyu 
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Is the string of his bow made of energy?
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Arjuna's bow supposedly had 108 bowstrings. But all except one was destroyed in the battle against Karna. 
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My brother uses a he'd love to have the one Arjuna holds! XD Really awesome work man, love your country's mythology.
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thanks, excellent work!
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it is the best.but forgive me just one fault that its complex should be fair and radiant because his was son of king of gods indra handsome from all gods.i am found of mythology and listening from my grandpa from age of 5 and he use to describe me small small characterstics of each character. sir it is a request that plz create eklyava the great who scrifice his thomb  in order of his teacher,to give the character the tribute and honour

Well Arjuna means shining I admit that but then another of his name's were Krishnaa which means dark.and @PheonixFlares is right there were three Krishnaas in Mahabharata-Arjuna,Krishna and Draupadi

Actually, in the original Mahabharath, Arjun is very dark skinned. The reason he is depicted as having light skin is because of India's colour bias. But in reality, his skin is very dark. Similarly, Draupadi also had black skin, in fact one of her other names is Krishna because of her skin colour.

Also, just because he is the son of a god, does not mean that he will have fair skin. Krishna, Vishnu, and Shiva are gods too, but they don't have fair skin. 

So the drawing of Arjun, is quite accurate. 
I think Vishnu himself was dark skinned.
his skin is to dark? 
A really, really nice art of a great hero ! I m impressed ! Especially for the armor,  wich is finely drawn.
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Your art is VERY cool, very super hero-ish. I don't know anything about the Indian pantheon, but it looks like there are a lot of very interesting stories about these Gods to be heard.
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Do one of Abhimanyu!!
He used to wear only white clothes. Didn't he ?

He is wearing white?

According to the Mahabharata his armour was golden.
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