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Rude Rarity

You aren't the only clothless guest in the gala, Rarity.

Oh gosh this comic make it to EQD front page.
Thanks to anyone who sent this in.
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JawsandGumballFan24's avatar
I want a vector of Rarity in the second template
ImmersionMan's avatar
Yeah, come on Rarity your not under dressed. If anything Applejack is over dressed.
dafk189's avatar
Since when does wearing clothes mean anything in a world of ponies and other animals?
When will Rarity learn that they don't wear clothe all the time.
TheChicaGirl's avatar
Plus you have fur Rarity
ChaosDrgon's avatar
I always thought of it as an "Oh no! I'm among important people without my couture! They won't be able to see how stylish and important I think I should be! EEEEEK!" sort of thing.
ABrightSide's avatar
Then how do you explain her covering those specific parts? :)
ChaosDrgon's avatar
Artistic license by the author.
ijustloveit619's avatar
Oh rarity, you gem you XD
jyroman53's avatar
Ok I need somepone to ride dat bicile to that ramp, jump and then facepalm me !
BB-K's avatar
Yeap, she overreacts and not to mention the other ponies also don't wear full clothing but accessories. :o
Accessories count as clothes just ask Octavia.
BB-K's avatar
Yeap, other guests also no dress, but accessories.
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Well she is a clothes designer, so she probably has that mindset...
Chatterbeast's avatar
Gee, I didn't know Rarity was THIS stupid.
TinjaBuster's avatar
Darude - Clothstorm
tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, but Applejack has a point.
Anybronym0ti0n's avatar
I though about that when I saw her covering herself and walking away.
Centaur71's avatar
a CLOTHES call; or, getting to the RUDE of it all; or, grin and BARE it, or...
Discord made Rar-ity become Nud-ity!
Serith's avatar
You, my good sir, are hilar-ity.
Element0fKindness's avatar
 . . . never-the-less diamond-butt, your modesty was still adorable.
But... she's wearing earrings and a neck thingy, he's wearing a bow tie.
YoshiAngemon's avatar
Personally, I'd rather see Equestria Girls Rarity covering herself up, even if it WOULD be labeled as Mature Work.
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