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Cloudchaser vector

edit 2-foxed her back mane so that it goes over the neck and made her nose rounder,it was too pointy,like twist's
edit- gave her that blue streak on the bottom of her tail

Oh my god this took me ages,4 days straight.
Made it for a friend.
Surprisingly,the mane was very easy to make,just had to change it to 4 layer groups

The pic is huuuuuge!!!!

bases in 4 races coming soon
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Why is she sad?

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I used this piece in the VN/CYOA adaptation of ‘Brony Hero of Equestria’! Huge thanks for making such amazing art! Want to play? Download it at… !
Heya! I recently started a blog called "Cloudchaser and Flitter Explain" which is about the MLP:CCG. It happens to use vectors of ponies turned into emoticons, and I've been using this one for awhile. There was kind of a mix up when my friend said I didn't need to ask permission to use vectors, so I didn't look into it, sorry. I definitely should have asked first.

Anyway, I'd love to continue using this one if you're okay with it! If not, I'm dreadfully sorry I used it without permission and I'll gladly take it down.

Thanks in advance!
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oh, freely use it :D
Thanks loads!
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Great job on vectoring Cloudchaser ~mokrosuhibrijac, I really love it:)
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want me to makke you an oc?
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I actually did a vector of Cloudchaser while using Photoshop CS6 however, do because of the lack of knowing how to vector a picture, it turned out kinda choppy, I also tried using Inkscape but it's really hard to get used to the controls while Photoshop CS6, the controls was easy as pie.

You'll find my vector of Cloudchaser in one of my uploads that I have made.


I wish I can have a vector of Cloudchaser, rearing up like the one that nethear did on Rainbow Dash, it'll probably to hard to do though, and you might come up with something much better with Cloudchaser, I know I would.

I would have loved it if someone would have come up with a air combat with any of the pegasi, maybe even have the pegasi wearing a armed weapon, the armed weapon has a helmet with a horn that stores magic energy inside the horn, while the wings have cannons, one on each wing, and can only work if there is a connection between the helmet and the wings.

It's best not to put too many cannons on the character or the character will have a hard time flying.

Sorry, I just love watching the dogfights on The History Channel, and my favorite dogfights are the ones that takes place in WWII.

I'm going to be away until either Monday or Tuesday, so I won't be working on it, but when I come back I'll get back working on it, it'll be so awesome, the main enemy that the pegasi's are going up against is flying cats with wings whom they want to be the dominate species, maybe I'll even throw in a army of ponies being lead by a mad stallion who all he wants is to prove that he's better than the Princess, YEAH GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! You will still have Princess Luna to contend with.

Maybe I'll just focus on the conflict between the winged cats and the pegasi's, so that way it'll be more focus on who's the better species, instead of somepony who's gonna get his ass kicked!

I also don't have anime studio pro 8 anymore do because of a computer melt down, and anime studio pro 8 want's me to pay $129.99 to get a new licenses key, but I already paid $200.00 two months ago, why can't smith micro? You know what, just forget about anime studio pro 8.

My dad is getting a sweet deal to get him and me a full version of Photoshop CS6, so I'll have a much better program for my animation.

If I can find a way to make my vectoring a lot better, for some reason it seems that when I vector in Photoshop CS6, it still is pale compare to Inkscape, but like I said above, I hate it when the interface feels like crap.

Now I can us Photoshop CS6 like it was nothing unlike Inkscape but, my edges of my pictures after I'm done vectoring it, always choppy compared to Inkscape's smooth, clean, edges.

ACTUALLY! Can you do me a favor?

Can you do a vector of Cloudchaser wearing that armor that I have mention so that way when I get back, I'll look at it and make a copy of it and maybe improve it.

It might a pretty stupid idea, and it might be too hard for you, but I just thought it would be cool if the pegasi have some sort of magical weapon that shoots magic energy out of two cannons, one on each wing, while being controlled by the pegasi using a helmet with a magical horn that sends magic energy out to the cannons that are set on the wings.

You'll probably want to know how the helmet is activated?

Well, do you know how in real life, that helicopter pilots have a helmet that can activate missiles when the pilot is thinking of it in his mind?

That is what I'm trying to do with the pegasi's magical weapon armor, it's a special type of weapon armor only meant for the pegasi to wear, while in combat.

It's a combination of the helicopter pilot's helmet, WWII airplane cannons, and a mix of magical energy.

So if you are looking for a challenge, and have a lot of time on your hands, then people like you, me, and many others will have something pretty damn cool:)

But if it's too stupid and too hard for you to do, then I'll just settle with a vector of Cloudchaser rearing up just like the vector that nethear did.

But if mrlolcats17 can make a vector of Rainbow Dash in a bad ass looking tank, than it might not be soo stupid like I thought.

Anyway, you'll have lots of time, I'm in no hurry.

It was nice meeting you, and I'm sorry for the long message, take care, later.
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hmmmm,well,you do have a creative arsenal of weapons,it seems cool

honestly,not too complicated,i have my own arsenal as well

it's only used by the ponies who are from the gates of tartarus,they live underground and are raised to be the guardians of evil forces

The appearance of tartarus ponies is that of luna's royal guards,the eyes and the ears

there are 2 wing enhancements for pegasi,first one is a bat wing(the ones from nightmare night)armor,that way their wings are protected and they can use them either for blade or blunt attacks,only down side is that it reduces the pegasus' wingpower by half, the minimun wingpower for using it 14,0

The second one is the thunder wing enhancement, they are made from a cloud absorbing alloy and they are only at the edge of the wing(the wing bone),that way pegasi can keep their speed, they absorb clouds(even though tartarus ponies live underground,they produce clouds as ammo for that enhancement) to access the manipulation of lightning and wind, they can also be used as blades,even though they're not as tough as bat wings they have some advantages; they can be used as a tazer, with wind you can produce long ranged slices or boost your speed(that's why slower pegasi use them more often)

PS Tartarus ponies have latin names(wanted an OC called dante so i had to go through all that tartarus shit to make him legit XD)

Dante,my main OC(he's not a mary-sue,tested him XD), he's also half tartarus; mom is a normal pegasus(tartarus genetics,if a father is tartarus,the offspring will have tartarus eyes and normal ears,if a mother is tartarus, vice versa)

Leandros,his dad(who isn't abusive(most OC ponies are either orphans or come from an abusing home))

Incitatus, captain of the tartarus royal guards

I might do your commission; but... I charge for my work.
This one will be... 350 points, that okay?
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Okay, since I bought some points, and I'm new at this, what do I do next?
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give 350 points to the donation poll on my profile and i'll start making the pic; yours is kinda complicated so it might take over a week, I usually do them in 1-2 days,even less sometimes,but yours is very new, I can't draw so i'll have to find pics as references XD

it'll take a while,but i'll try my best
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I (say it with me now) REALLY like her mane :)
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You're welcome :D
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anyway,if you need,i made bases out of this pic,for every pony race(including alicorn,just hope i got the horn right)
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Well, you made your vector look good :) hmm i need to something? 0w0
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u need to somethingwhat? XD
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you say "If I need.." i'm little confuse XD
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if you wanna make your own OC,I have bases in this pose
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Amazing work!
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thanks,was waiting for your reaction

i think that this is currently my masterpiece(out of vectors)
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