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Worm: She Ain't So Newter This Game

Fan drawing of Newter, one of the characters from Wildbow's web serial Worm, with Rogue from the X-Dudes, comparing notes on the relative suckiness of having the super-power of exuding hallucinogenic toxins from your skin that're powerful enough to send people into a coma if you try to hug 'em, and the power of draining people like a juice box just by high-fivin' them, respectively.

(Come to think of it, there was an episode of the X-Men Evolution cartoon where Toad had a crush on Rogue. If they'd ever hooked up and started a family, their kids probably would've ended up like Newter.) ;-)
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They totally would :D
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Head canon: accepted! ;P
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Crossover ship?
...Crossover ship. Also that pun is bad and you should feel bad. Shaaaame.
also, we've got a Worm group on dA ( if you want to add this!
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Thanks for the comment, I've already submitted the picture to the Undersiders' favorites gallery. (Not sure if there's any way for regular members to add drawings to the featured gallery, it's probably only admins and contributors who can do that.)
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Odd? I'm pretty sure it's doable, if you go to the page itself.
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Welp, it definitely works if you're a registered contributor. ;P Many thanks for the upgrade! :D
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