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That means its time to go overseas!

As usual, to China.  This time with a twist.  Not only do I get to go to China, but Taiwan AND Italy!

As usual, if you have my FB there's gonna be pictures when I can manage (aka, prolly not in China).  For those of you who don't have it, don't fret.  This year I'm gonna attempt using my (very, very empty) tumblr to post my adventures and perhaps some sketching. ;D

Here's the link to the tumblr page, but feel free to look around (not that there is anything...).

Gonna miss ya'll in the group chats!  Discord should still work fine but time zones are a thing y'know.
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I'm back, hopefully!

The net here sucks but hey, I least I can post journals and talk ;D

It's China Journal time again!

Off to China!!
*Update*  starting to move stuff, and it's all over the place
Okay.. so this is KidIcarus242 ... I'm moving accounts, from there to here, so I'll be posting all my work here and deleting it there.  So, just in case any misunderstandings happen, here's an explanation.

so... guess I'll see you around