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Poke-Ren: Sebastian



Alternate wear (for travel or non-guard affairs)
Full Body


◊ Karver Sebastian Hark ◊

◊ Male ◊

◊ Age ◊

◊ Height ◊

◊ Pokemon ◊
Sharpedo Fusion

◊ Type ◊

◊ Ability ◊
Speed Boost | Its Speed stat is boosted every turn.

◊ Nature
Adamant (+Atk, -SpA) | Proud of its power

◊ Moveset ◊
Night Slash, Aqua Jet, Poison Jab, Surf

◊ Occupation ◊

Royal guard of Yfalm

◊ Personality ◊
Can be somewhat jovial at times, but rather serious about his work.  Despite his sociable nature, he doesn't seem to talk about himself very much. 

Caring - Stubborn - Dutiful - Resolute - Protective - Loyal - Reserved - Cordial

◊ Likes ◊
Children, swordplay/training, spicy/hot foods, stories, cold weather

◊ Dislikes ◊
Mentions of his past, his noble family, dry foods, icy floes, bug Pokémon

◊ History ◊

Sebastian comes from a noble household, well versed in the art of swordplay and producing fine swordsmen.  As expected of any able member, he was taught from a young age to wield a sword.
When he became of age, Sebastian had a heavy argument with his family and left the house in a huff, taking to the road and began to travel across Pokegea.  To make ends meet and to provide for himself, Sebastian decided to put his swordplay to use and took up mercenary work.  While it was no comfortable life, Sebastian was nonetheless happier to be in charge of his own life.

He eventually made his way into Xeluses, a more seasoned fighter and decided to get some more gear for himself and visited one of the local blacksmiths.  During his wait, he became acquainted with Syg, a boy who was residing with the smith.  Having not much to do while the smith worked, he spent his days talking with Syg and sparred in swordsmanship.
When the smith suddenly passed, Sebastian took it upon himself to ensure Syg taken care of at least.  The two eventually set off together as mercenaries.
Along with his new companion, Sebastian continued in doing jobs until he fell in love with a young woman named Lissara, and the two decided to start a life together.  Though difficult, he parted from the mercenary life and settled down.

A few years after starting his anew, Sebstian and his wife decided to move to the city-state of Yfalm, saying farewell to their home and began the trip down.  However, en route to the port tragedy struck, and in the accident both Lissara and his infant son were lost to the frozen cold, leaving Sebastian the only survivor.  Unwilling to let himself fall to despair, he forced himself to continue the journey alone and arrived to Yfalm.  

After arriving to Yfalm, Sebastian joined the ranks of the Royal Guard, and has stayed since.

◊ Miscellaneous ◊
- His weaponry consists of a paired long and short sword, plus a dagger.
- Armor includes metal gauntlets and arm guards, pauldron set and neck guard.  Leather armor covers his arms, legs, and chest.  He does have a cuirass and greaves as well, usually not worn.
- Also has fins on his forearms and lower legs.  He is covered in blue scale markings and has gills around his neck.
- Was a Carvanha fusion during his mercenary time before arriving at Yfalm.
- Has a scar running along the left side of his face. It's usually covered by his bangs and hat.
- The star brooch Sebastian wears is of his noble house.  Though he dislikes mentioning his relation, he still wears it all the time.


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