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Poke-Ren NPC: Jehovah

"All is in the vision of the Holios."


Jehovah Caz'ii

 ✧21 | 5' | Male ✧

"An enigmatic young man who always seems to carry a smile on his face. He is wholly devoted to serving the Holios, but fills his own agenda as he pleases.  Quick with the sword and fights with impressive prowess despite his small stature."

Whimsical - Cheery - Loyal - Hedonistic - Cunning -
Distant - Callous

✧ Likes/Dislikes
Music and playing it + Rain + Fighting and action + Interesting things + Sleeping + Warm herbal brews

Boredom - "Boring" people - Too much touching - Coffee

✧ History ✧
Originating from Huda, Jehovah never had much of a place to call home, nor had anyone to look up to in childhood.  Memories hazy and faded, he never bothered worrying about his past and always looked to surviving to tomorrow. For years, Jehovah scrapped together what he could from the alleyways, stealing when he found opportunity and even taking bets in gambling or fight rings.

On one unsuspecting day, he attempted to pickpocket a passing soldier in the town, but was caught and apprehended on the spot.  Unwilling to go quietly, Jehovah and the soldier, Thymistocles, engaged each other briefly in a scuffle.  Thyme managed to subdue him, but the soldier, impressed by Jehovah's skill in combat, instead dragged him to the barracks rather than arresting him and placed the younger in as a recruit.

In the remaining years, Jehovah trained diligently in Huda's military, showing an affinity and enthusiasm for combat and a willingness to serve, though with a greed.  Eventually after some time, he left Huda without a trace.


✧ Miscellaneous ✧
- Is left-handed.
- Still carries a sash which he wore during his time in Huda, of deep blue and gold colors. 
- His eyes are softly luminescent, more easily noticable in darkness.  
- Can sometimes be mistaken to be a child due to his short height and child-like demeanor.
- Wields a rapier normally, but his actual skill comes in twin daggers from his time on the streets.

- Jehovah is in actuality a Jolteon fusion, but often omits mentioning this fact and it is known by few others.  There are few hints to his fusion nature such as his luminous blue eyes and, to a point, his unnatural quickness. 

Jolteon | Electric Type | Volt Absorb

Thunderbolt | Protect | Mimic | Swift

Scripts: 100 (fullbody) + 40 (bg) = 140
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MAN!!! That looks SO BADASS than my digital drawing on Arceus
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Omg he came out goregous Mochi- notWes Jen is so precious QAQ
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he loFire Emblem Icon oks alot like jacob from fire emblem fates.