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Poke-Ren: Myrrh



The App picture is old, needs updating :')

- Name -


- Age

- Height -

- Pokemon -

Ability -
Magic Guard - Prevents indirect damage

Type -

Nature -
Calm (+SpD -Atk) | Alert to sounds

- Job Class -

Moves -
Air Slash - Heat Wave - Telekinesis - Protect

T.O.R -

- Faction -

Personality -
Allocentric - Dutiful - Reverential - Austere - Naive - Soft - Polite - Distant - Placid - Curious

Likes/Dislikes -
Exploring + Knowledge + Bitter foods + Observing things + Desert/homeland + Open air + Sunlight

Colder weather - Greed - Intruders

History -

As a child, Myrrh was always curious about the outer world beyond Lumeria's shores, wondering about what it was like out there and often insisted to the elders of the tribe to learn more.  He was often scolded for it, told that as an Ardent he must ahdere to the ancient grounds.  However despite his diligence in the elders' teachings, he could not bring himself to completely forget his ambitions and often snuck away to explore the desert.

It would be anything but an ordinary day.  Myrrh had stolen away from his studies again and wandered near the shoreline facing the great ocean when out of the blue, something seemed to fall from the sky.  A multitude of thoughts would race through his mind as he raced across the sand to see what it was, and came across a pale-skinned boy washed up in the shallows, with the unmistakable wings of a Sigilyph.  Whether or not this was an answer to his calling, Myrrh brought the boy back to the Ardent grounds.

The boy was named Ikarus, and was not of Lumeria, but somewhere far away.  To his enthusiasm, Myrrh was fascinated with the boy and eager to spend time with him.  To the dismay of his peers, Myrrh would spend even more time collecting information of the outer world, but to him, he could feel no bounds to his wayward spirit. 

After years of studying under the Ardents' teaching and coming of age, Myrrh partook in the ceremony to uphold the Ardent tribe's traditions and fused with his Sigilyph companion. 

A few years later, he and Ikarus would be assigned the task of traveling the world to recover the lost artifacts to the Alchemy Well.

Miscellaneous -
- Is left-handed.
- His arms, back, up to around his face (including his forehead down to the nose) and extending some ways down his thighs are covered in feathers.
- Forearms and legs are also scaly and taloned (legs not so much).
- Has a biological sister named Tuula.
- Like all of the Ardents, Myrrh cannot actually fly with his wings outside of Lumeria, but rather, he uses his psychic abilities to hover.


- Scripts -

- Items Purchased -
-(towards town upgrade)


- Badges -
Come Little Children


Myrrh (c) me
Ikarus (c) ikarus-exe
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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I love this pose, he looks so majestic!