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"If there is anything you wish for, name it! There is not a garment I cannot make!"

~ London "Lon" Fiore ~

~ 17 ~

~ Male ~

~ Height ~
5' 5"

~ Job Class ~

~ Occupation ~
Royal Tailor

~ Likes ~
sewing - flowers - making perfumes - tea - colorful things - Dolce - cloaks

~ Dislikes ~
sour foods - dirtying clothing - disruptive customers -

~ Personality ~

shy - soft-spoken - caring - passionate - diligent - cheery - timid

~ History ~
Lon grew up in Libetellus where he lived with his father and mother.  His father, a tailor by trade, began to train Lon in the craft from a young age.  His mother, a florist, taught him botany and about the different fragrances on the side.  Early on, Lon and his father travelled down to Yfalm to resume his training, and for some business down at the city-state before the king.    As a gift, his mother presented the boy with a Spritzee companion, which Lon took to dearly.

They came before the king in audience, for Lon's father's business clientale.  It was then the tailor-in-training met the young prince Luca.  Captivated by the prince and the town, the two began a gentle and tender friendship.  Frequently, Lon's early creations would be for the younger under the guidance of his father, among other clients and skill building. 

Inspite of the long days under his father's training, Lon would find moments of reprieve in his going with the prince.  Often caught in the latter's antics, they found themselves lost in the snowy outskirts of the city and surrounded by snow.  Though they could have found there way back usually, the wind and snow halted their endeavor and huddled each other for warmth.  When the cold began to bite, they were met with a spectacle: wild Swablu had descended on them, covering them with their cloud-like wings and propped on them as if to comfort them. 

The laughter from the two gave Lon a passion to finish his training, so as to continue making clothing to make others feel the same comfort he and prince had.

Some years later, the tailors recieved word that Lon's mother had fallen ill, and took an absence fom Yfalm to return to Libetellus for the time being.  Back in his hometown, Lon would share his stories with his mother, who was nonetheless overjoyed the young tailor seemed to have found soemthing to work for, despite the other's insistance that he felt too much of a shadow of his father.

After his mother recovered, Lon returned to Yfalm to complete his trade and displayed it for the royal family.  From then on, he is now the personal tailor to Prince Luca, and runs a small shop in the city with his father.


Following the deaths of the late King and Queen of Yfalm, Lon was distraught at the disappearance of the young prince but at the same time the tailor loathed how he could not protect his close friend at all.  In the following weeks there was a void left where his passion had been, too worried for the safety of the prince that he couldn't focus on his craft.

Among his mulling he stumbled upon a local apothecary, catching wind of familiar scents from the fragrances he made and observed. With the same materials, the apothercary made concotions that were no perfumes, but medicines, tinctures, or even toxins.  Remembering how helpless he had been during the incursion on the royal family, Lon begged to be taught the craft and thus began his studies into alchemy. 

~ Misc ~
- Left handed
- The many outfits of Lon
- Lon specializes in creating tailored pieces with a fragrance.  He does have a good deal of knowledge in mixing scents.
- His studies in alchemy lets him create various concoctions that produce scents or smoke, and to a dire case, poison mist.  He is by no means any expert, but it has come as an extension from his dabbles in perfume making.
- He carries a mask that protects him from his own creations. It resembles the silver face of a Spritzee.


~ Dolce ~

~ Spritzee ~

~ Male ~

~ Fairy Type ~

~ Nature ~
Sassy (+SpD, -Spe) - Somewhat vain.

~ Ability ~
Aroma Veil - Protects allies from attacks that effect their mental state.

~ Moves ~
Aromatheraphy - Sweet Scent - Misty Terrain - Fairy Wind

~ Likes ~
preening - sweets - sweet fragrances - sunlight - Lon

~ Dislikes ~
dirtying his feathers - other bird-like Pokémon - being touched


Vivillon Moon Participation
Vivillon Moon Costume


Luca © ObsidianBunBun

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