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P-Ren: Syf



Full Body (Reference)





 5' 4" 

 Lycanroc Fusion 
Midday Form

Boosts the Speed stat each time the Pokémon flinches

 Rock Type 

Adamant (+Atk, -SpA) | Strong willed

 Druid Class 

Accelerock - Thrash - Protect - Stealth Rock


Aggressive - Tenacious - Cynical - Asocial - Stubborn - Rash - Naive - Instinctive - Rough

Knight + Sleeping + Wilds + Meat + Being in Pokemon form + The forests + Other Pokémon

People - Others nosing in - Restraints - Being touched - 

There are no memories of where he came from, but Syf lived in the wilderness from a very young age.  In order to survive the harsher enviroment, the boy had fused with a wild Rockruff, a runt of its litter, then learned the laws of the land through grueling experiences and communicating with the Pokemon. As a feral, the civilized world meant little and nothing to him until they would intervene in his life. 

A group of slavers had wandered into the forest, passing by to deliver their values when they happened across the feral boy.  It was an easy capture, and suddenly Syf lost the freedom of wilds and brought into a hellish world where people and fusions were pitted against one another till they fell.

When he was thrown into the world of pit fighting, Syf learned quickly that it was either one dominated or be crushed.  Being small and young, he was easily beaten and often left to bitterly lick his wounds alone.  The treatment from his captors and handlers only amounted to a growing hatred for man and their kind, as they controlled his life and he could do nothing.  Except fight and live. 

Through the deadly trials he eventually built up his strength, even growing into a Lycanroc feral.

One day changed everything again, though.  Another stranger from the crowd this time stepped up inot the ring and with a mighty sword, took apart the whole slaver's ring operation.  Almost immediately, the pitted slaves and the slavers began a fight to ensure the results, for either group.  Amidst the chaos and blood, Syf's handler was slain in the action, allowing the Lycanroc to unleash his fury among the others.  When he chanced upon the stranger, he attacked liberally but within the scuffle, the magical runes on his shackle reactived on the knight's touch, binding his new handler.

To his dismay, Syf is still chained to a handler of sorts, but admittedly, his travels with Anstice and
Aefwine have proved to be a far better experience than with the slave pits.

- The magic shackle Syf wears is a slave restraint placed on him, which binds him to his handler (currently Anstice).  The shackle will render him incapacitated should he leave a certain radius from the handler and also prevents the slave from attacking their bound handler.  It also has a few commands to restrain him otherwise.  Since it is infused with magic runes, he is unable to take it off and currently he travels with Anstice to find a way to remove it. 

-Syf's Pokemon Form is the same as any average Lycanroc, only a little thinner and with tattoo-like markings.  Additionally the shackle appears on his left forepaw in this form.

- Can read a little, but has a very limited vocabulary.
- Normally communicates using various sounds from growls to rumbles.
- Syf is capable of normal speech, but usually struggles with longer sentences.  He speaks in cases where he needs to specify.
- Carries a shield given to him by Anstice, strapped to his back in both human and Pokémon form.  It was intended for some additional protection but Syf has found other ways to use it as well.
- Covered in tattoos.  They also appear on his Pokémon form.



Anstice © Raisenka
Syf © me


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he is like.....princess mononoke with extra magic u w u <3