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P-REN Sketchdump 1

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This is mostly a Birb dump... Alot of stuff I hid :')

1) Original App image for Myrrh
2) Clothing reference sketch
3) Dancing Myrrh
4) Early concept for Myrrh
5) Outfit doodle
6) Earlier concepts, messing with wings
7) Murmur.exe (sci-fi Myrrh?)
8) Teen Ikarus and Myrrh
9) Chibi Myrrh
10) Scene sketch
11) Chibi Myrrh again
12) Another Murmur
13) Teen Myrrh and Cheliyuuh
14) Book cover sketch for Myrrh
15) Birbs
16) Ikarus book cover
17) Spooky Ardent... thing
18) Original concept for Legendary
19) Concept for Legendary
Bottom) A bunch of kiddo birbs (mostly derpy Myrrh things)

I like these birbs too much.  Maybe more dumps to come?

Ikarus © ikarus-exe
Myrrh © me

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????SCREAMS????? OH MY GOD THIS IS SO GOOD????? your art slays me EVERY time