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Male | 8 | 3'10"

Rowlet Fusion | Grass/Flying Type

Powers up Grass-type moves when the Pokémon's HP is low.

Resides in the wilds around town.  Occasionally stays at the Vivillune.

"A highly curious and gentle Rowlet boy, he understands little of the civilized world but is eager around his companion, Dimitri.  There is little that can spark a temper from him, and little dissuades him from trying to please others."

Gentle | Curious | Easy-going | Shy | Eager | Klutzy | Affectionate | Sensitive

Dimitri + Warm hugs + Open spaces + Berries + Listening to new words + Nighttime + Sleeping

Getting waterlogged - Sour foods - Tight spaces or cannot run from - Cold nights - Thunder or sudden loud noises

-There is very little that Meep knows about his past.  He's lived in the wilds of Kirdenten all his life from the moment he was abandoned by his parents and was fused with a Rowlet, wandering about.  For a time, this sort of life continued up until he came across Dimitri, another feral fusion like himself.  They bonded closely as they survived the woods together near Kirdenten and eventually Dimitri was taken in by the town.

As of current, Meep keeps to living in the woods but comes to the town to visit Dimitri and Ric on occassion.

- Has no hands, as his arms are fully wings. 
- Has a white spot on his nose.
- The tunic was a gift from Dimitri.
- Has a white spot over his nose.
- Tends to sleep without warning and erratically.  It isn't uncommon to see him a wake, turn around, then turn back to find he's dozed off on the spot.
- Is very vocal, though his vocabulary is largely various noises, "hoots", and "meeps".  He can understand a greater deal up to simple sentences, thanks to his close friend and has even begun to have designated combinations of sounds for people (e.g. "Meemee/Mimi" is Dimitri).

Dimitri © ObsidianBunBun
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I'm just going to pick him up and take him home.