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"Boundless is the sky that holds our Father, to whom we heed and revere, regardless of how the horizon may seem as a boundary."

A revisit to an old PokePalace illustration I did of Myrrh in the Matahari desert, also named Boundless then.

Many thanks to the people who helped and supported (and humored) me through this!

Ikarus © ikarus-exe
Myrrh © me

Scripts: Calculating... 200 (fullbody) + 60 (3 pkmn) + 45 (3 colorsketch pkmn) + 40 (bg) = 345

Some people told me I should try doing a series and then put them side by side..... What do you guys think?
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This is seriously stunning Mokkun! Parks and Rec Andy Love Heart bubbles 

I got really emotional going back and seeing the old PokePalace one again... your improvement it evident but also like Ika mentioned, it made me really happy to see Myrrh not alone in the vast sands, it made me feel so inspired and adventurous looking up to the vast boundless sky.

Keep being amazing Mokkun! Seriously you are so inspiring I can't say it enough!
Your characters, and art capture the feeling that I originally fell in love with in OG PokePalace... I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS!!!
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I love it aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh
Thank you as always for drawing Ika! ;u; It's great to see Myrrh's not alone anymore in this version of Boundless. :D