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Tumblr Giveaway

Fri Apr 13, 2018, 10:32 AM
For any of you with tumblr accounts, I have a giveaway going on at the moment to tie in with my April Sale, where reblogging the post below gets you a chance to win some stickers from my store!

If you want to enter, the post can be found by clicking here!

Here's a few examples of the stickers you can get:

Img 20171007 213227 734 by MokkaQuill  Img 20170920 140151 685 by MokkaQuill  Img 20171025 211646 217 by MokkaQuill 
Img 20171116 013342 110 by MokkaQuill  Img 20171116 014644 795 by MokkaQuill  Img 20171116 014218 790 by MokkaQuill

Thanks a lot, this really helps me out too!

- Mokka

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Gemsona Icons!

Mon Jan 29, 2018, 5:15 PM
Hi all!

I'm currently doing Gemsona icons for £15 via Paypal Invoice or 1700 :points: which includes two files of the same design - a transparent background icon and a coloured background icon (both without a watermark of course). You can also ask to have them made into badges, stickers, magnets or keyrings at the normal prices I would charge in my online store if you wish! 
I can also do OC's from other fandoms if you like, so long as the design isn't suuuuper complex and it's for a headshot like these ones!  Feel free to ask!

Here are some of the ones I have done in the past:

Gemsona Collection by MokkaQuill

All icons must be paid for before work starts, but you do not have to pay just to book a slot. These are usually completed in a couple of days so long as I don't have to wait on replies for too long (as I will show you the sketch and colour stages so you can suggest anything that needs changing).
Also you must have at least one reference of your OC for me to work from!

If you'd like to inquire about a slot, let me know via comment or note! ^_^

SLOT 1: TheGravyNator (PAID - Commission Complete)

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So this journal is kinda an extension of my Summary of Art post for 2017. I mention the year briefly there, but go into greater detail here.

If you're someone who is reading this journal, you may also have noticed how little art I've posted this past year. 2017 has been a massive rollercoaster for me, where a lot of things have happened, both good and bad. I'm gonna try and put the year into words which is something I have not done before.

This year started with a Master's course in concept art. I've always loved art, and always been pretty decent at it. But for some reason, I found concept art super difficult. I couldn't keep up with the pace of everyone else in my class, so my art suffered greatly as a result. I've always been the overachiever, straight A student, so being what I considered to be below average really got to me. It knocked my self esteem on a level I can't even begin to describe.

I relied very heavily on my housemates, because most of my friends for my undergrad course had finished Uni and moved away. I'm terrible in crowds and at socialising, and my lack of confidence made it difficult for me to make new friends. My housemates are a couple, and I found myself upset when they'd do things without me (which of course was only fair, since they're together!). But with my low self esteem, it definitely knocked me lower and this put an unfair strain on them as well.

I began to procrastinate with my work, because of how depressed and scared it made me feel. I played Overwatch a lot, and I took a HUGE step and joined the reddit OW discord server for the purpose of finding groups to play with for competitive. This led to me making a few friends there, making our own discord server, and watching that grow as friends of friends were introduced or when we met cool people in game and invited them. I'm so close to a few of them now that one actually came to visit me all the way from Finland recently (I live in the UK). I'll forever be grateful for the friends that I've made here.


26814564 1751987278201260 6082825679591627195 N by MokkaQuill

ABOVE: My friend and I went to a cat cafe while she was here!


Fast forward six months, and I manage to scrape passes on my Uni work with the aid of some extensions, but my mental health hit rock bottom as a result of this and the isolation I felt. I did barely any of my own art in this time period, because I was so down about my shortfalls in my uni course. It made me feel like my art was never going to be good enough. My depression however had become such an issue that I asked to postpone my Uni course for six months. I also had to move away from the house I was in as the contract ended. I wasn't able to live with the same friends again, and unable to afford a single place on  the minimum wage jobs there, I had to move back to live with my parents, where the rent was cheaper.

Around this time, I also got a confirmed diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome, which is a form of autism, which was something I'd been trying to push for for about a year. I didn't know how to feel about this at first. I realised that a lot of mistakes that I have made in the past were because of this, and it helped with dealing with those things. But on the other hand, I realised this is not something that will ever change - I will always be this way. Some of those mistakes are things that caused me to lose a lot of people important to me, most of whom I barely get to talk to anymore, even now. It lifted a weight on me, but created a new one in the process, leaving me feeling kind of neutral about it in the end.

Some time passed at my parents house. I applied to a lot of part time jobs, but never managed to get any so instead I threw myself into my online shop, as that was my only source of income (since commissions are pretty rare for me). I went to some conventions too, sold there. Most went really well. The money I earn from my shop is not quite enough to pay my rent, but it puts a huge dent on it and really helps out. I still have some savings, so I'm using those for now for the shortfalls, until I can get a job after Uni is done.

Without Uni looming over me, I found it a lot easier to think in a less destructive way. I set up an art desk in my room, and tried to get back into personal art with Inktober. I only made it to Day 7, which sounds really short, but a whole week of consistently doing art was a BIG deal for me. It helped with a lot. I really felt like I was getting better with my depression as a result as well, between getting back into art, my discord friends, and by watching a Youtube channel called Cow Chop (they upload daily, and it's amazing how much of a difference having something consistent to look forward to every day is).

Late October, I was watching a video tutorial or something (I don't remember too well) where someone was explaining how they visualise things before they draw them. They explained how they pictured things in their head, and it REALLY confused me. I thought it seemed like a super power, until I read the comments and realised it wasn't a superpower.

Pretty much everyone can do it.

I googled it, and yeah, it's a normal thing. And a huge pit of dread formed in my stomach. I can't even begin to describe that feeling.

Turns out, I have something called Aphantasia, which is where you cannot see any form of imagery in your head. It's just black nothingness, no matter how hard I try. Where people can remember things, for example, like faces, I cannot. If you asked me to describe my mother, I would be able to list the facts that I know about her, but I cannot picture her face in my mind.

It's not an autistic thing, but with what little research has been done, it seems like it's more common in autistic people than the general population. But learning I had aphantasia, I came to a realisation. This was a big contributing factor as to why I was so slow at concept art. Everyone else could visualise their concepts, whereas I would have to research just to give me ideas, and then gather HUGE amounts of reference material to draw just one original picture (as opposed to fanart where you're re-adapting existing things). I'd literally enrolled on the worst possible art related course for someone like me.


Best Of Times 2 by MokkaQuill  Falkor Final by MokkaQuill  Environment Final Improved by MokkaQuill  Demon Rock by MokkaQuill

ABOVE LEFT: Art that I could just copy from a photograph (fully painted with no tracing though! >:D)
ABOVE MIDDLE LEFT: Art that I had plenty of time gather lots of reference and make multiple attempts with, but had to make up
ABOVE MIDDLE RIGHT: Art that I had some time to gather ref for and had to make up
ABOVE RIGHT: Art that I had no more than a few days to gather ref for and create and had to make up


And this got to me. This REAAAALLY got to me. Waaaaay more than the autism diagnosis did. I did nothing for several days but cry in private, because everything I'd worked so hard at for 6 years, was something that was never going to work out well for me (or at least not in a professional sense). I was pissed off that I was at a permanent disadvantage. I was upset that I hadn't known sooner. I was filled with dread that it felt like I'd wasted an important part of my life.

I got really down for about a week, until I talked to my mum about it. She responded with "Well how are you able to draw then?" and this made me start crying again. I explained it to her and she helped me to realise that my future doesn't have to be art. It's never too late to change what you want to do. Somewhere in this conversation I also realised that, in a roundabout way, Aphantasia was probably what had made me so good at art in my earlier years. When I was young, all I did was copy things. I was spot on with my copies of things like manga, and really good at replicating colours. I could also draw pretty well from real life, and I guess this is because I have no visual mind or memory to interfere with what I'm looking at. I HAVE to look at things, or else I have nothing to work from, so I don't make as many mistakes, and I'm amazing at spotting when something is wrong.


Art Homework 2 by MokkaQuill  Manga Club-Ichigo by MokkaQuill  Gwen by MokkaQuill

ABOVE: Some art from when I was age 14 - 15 ish


So I thought about this for a while. My undergrad course was Animation and VFX and I tried to think about what I was good at on that course, since I did enjoy it a lot. I came to the conclusion that I was best at editing and directing, both because I'm good at making things up as I go along and I can spot mistakes and thus know how to make things look professional. Because I'd been watching Cow Chop everyday, it occurred to me that I'd enjoy and be good at running my own youtube channel. I thought about what I could and couldn't do on my own, and started editing my PlaysTV clips from gameplay with my friends, to make funny, highly edited videos. They're not at all popular because I'm just starting out and the Youtube algorhyms are f**ked (I mean you don't need me to give you examples but here's a recent one) but it's something I really enjoy doing. It made me realise how much I enjoy editing when the content is driven by me, like it was when I was directing things previously.


Yt by MokkaQuill

ABOVE: My youtube channel (need to revamp that 2014 art though to make it more relevant to my videos now haha)


I also realised that I'd probably be okay with an ordinary job, so long as it's not one that's hell for my autism (like working in a loud and busy shopfront where there's too much stimuli for example), so long as I can do these things on the side. I've decided that I'm gonna shoot for an editing job now ideally, although I'll have to get a normal job to save money first, so I can afford to move to a new place where the jobs are (I live in a small seaside town that has the worst average wage in the country because it's all seasonal work and nothing else really hahaha). But for the first time in my life, I'm not so afraid of failing anymore. With the internet, and the creative freedom it gives people like me, I'm always gonna be able to do the things that I like on the side.

It's now 2018. As I type this, I've managed to get three videos on my channel since I started in November, with work happening on a fourth. I've made new art for my shop, booked to sell at some more conventions in 2018, and started drawing for fun again. And I feel like, for the most part, I'm at peace now with the flaws I have that I have no power to change. My depression has gotten a lot better and I'm off my medication. I am however, starting the final part of my uni course now. It scares me, because of the stress it caused me before, and because it will be hard since I'm doing it off campus. But I'm going to give it the best that I've got, and then move forward with the next part of my life.

If you've made it this far, I'm pretty amazed! It feels like a massive ramble on my part. Probably because I've never put these feelings into written words before, all together like this.
If you have any questions about Aspergers or Aphantasia, don't be afraid to ask. I don't mind answering them at all. c: It's really good when people make an effort to understand things and it should definitely be encouraged!

Now onwards to 2018! I'll try and post more art this year! xD Thank you everyone for your continued support :heart:

- Mokka

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Hi all!

Just a quick journal to say that I'll be selling my art at York Unleashed (At the York Racecourse, York, UK) this Sunday! I'll be somewhere on the ground floor, so do come say hi if you come along!!

Here's the event page if you are interested!


I'm back!

Wed Jun 28, 2017, 3:18 PM
Hi all!

First off I just want to say thank you to whoever anonymously gave me a month of core! That was a nice surprise - thank you so much!!

I know I haven't been here for a while or posted anything so I thought it would be good to explain why.

This past year has been very hard for me as I suffer from severe anxiety and depression, which had gotten severely worse this year due to medicine and counselling not helping at all. I felt like a really bad person, because I've never truly had many bad experiences - never suffered abuse or anything, and although I'm not rich and have to be very careful with money, I'm not starving or homeless - so for me to feel as bad as I did really baffled me, and it made impossible to find a solution.

I had also enrolled on a Master's course in Concept Art, and because I was so down already, it ended up turning drawing into something I hated rather than something I loved. I started feeling like my art wasn't good enough, and as a result I was finding that I couldn't draw well anymore either. I ended up shutting myself away for most of the year, without drawing very much at all.

However, after a year of waiting, I finally got a diagnosis I needed - it turns out I am on the autism spectrum with Aspergers Syndrome. Finding this out is really good, because it explains why counselling never worked for me, why I am depressed, and has provided answers for a lot of problems I have been having most of my life. As a result, I now know that I need a type of specialised counselling that focuses on the way my brain works, since the normal suggestions for people with depression will not work for me with the way my mind works and thinks. And this should hopefully help me! (Although it's gonna be a bit hard because I had to move back to my parents house as my housemates decided they wanted to live alone instead of with me again, and I had to cancel the plans I had made with them. This has now put me in an area of my country that has very limited help and resources for autism and I will lose access to the ones I had because I no longer live in the right area :') Hopefully I will be able to work something out - gotta wait until I can see a local doctor first. Fingers crossed!)

So overall this has given me a bit of a boost, and hope for the future. Before I felt like there was nothing I could do, and that I was just hurting people, but I now have hope that things might get better, and people might be more understanding of the mistakes I make because I have an official diagnosis and can no longer be accused of making it up anymore c: 

I was also able to leave my Uni course starting August, to come back in February, to give me a 6 month break or so, which is huge and really takes the pressure off. ^^

So I'm going to try drawing again! I really want to be able to enjoy this again because it's the only thing I feel that I am particularly good at and I know a lot of people here like my work (thank you all!)

I hope you guys understand my absence! I'll do my best to keep drawing and posting from now onwards! Also if any of you out there have asphergers yourselves, and don't mind talking about it, feel free to drop me a note cause I'm still in the early stages of finding out exactly what it all means for me. c:

And if anyone is going to York Unleashed in August I will be there as a vendor, so come say hi!

Thanks again all!


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Does anybody know of any graphic novels/web comics/comics that are short one shot stories? (like no more than 50 pages or so, although if it is a bit more that's okay!) A good example of what I'm trying to find is a comic called "Hearts for Sale" which you can find here:

I want to make a short comic as my final project at University but I'm struggling to know what kind of stories I can tell in a minimal number of pages, so I'm looking for inspirations!!

Thanks everyone!


MCM London

Thu Oct 27, 2016, 5:08 PM
Just a quick journal to say I'm gonna be at MCM London (For the first time EVER ahhhh!!) as Peridot on Saturday and Sunday!

If you see me please come up and say hi! I'd love to meet you!! :D (Also I'll be at the SU meetups both days x3)

Character vs Cosplay: Peridot by MokkaQuill

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[EDIT] First Comic Con as a Dealer!

Sat Oct 15, 2016, 3:39 PM
[EDIT: Added loads of pictures from the Sunday x3]

Hi all!

I attended my first Comic Con as a dealer today with my housemates :iconargonoracle: and :iconsquidmister:! Viper and I have both been selling our art as prints, badges, magnets and stickers whilst Squidmister has been our spreadsheet manager x3
It went pretty well for the size of it! :D 

Geekfest by MokkaQuill
Left to right is me, Squidmister and Viper x3

Mokka's Side by MokkaQuill
Mokka's side of the table

Full Stand by MokkaQuill
The full table!

Viper's Side by MokkaQuill
Viper's side of the table

The Actual Table #ArtsyPhoto by MokkaQuill
The actual table #artsyphoto

I have made too many badge designs by MokkaQuill
I have made too many badge designs :'D

Peridot Commission by MokkaQuill
Peridot Commission!

Pearl Commission by MokkaQuill
Pearl Commission!

I took this photo by accident but eh it kindaworks by MokkaQuill
I took this photo by accident but eh it kinda works x3

And that's it! Thanks for reading!


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Tumblr Giveaway!

Tue Oct 11, 2016, 4:46 AM
I hit 1000 followers on tumblr recently so I'm doing a giveaway to celebrate. The winner gets 9 badges from my store! (I ship worldwide!)

If you have a tumblr you can enter here:…

Also if you wanna check out the badges you can win you can see them here:

Good luck to anyone who enters! :D

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Thu Sep 22, 2016, 4:16 PM

Hey Guys!

Due to the success of my shop and with me needing money for University which starts in a weeks time, there will be flash weekend sale in my store, starting Saturday 24th Sept! Everything will be discounted!

Also, if you have previously bought something from me, on either Storenvy or Etsy, let me know your name and the date you ordered (Or what you ordered) in the comments box and I’ll throw in a free badge or magnet of your choice as a thank you!


Also here's some pictures of some of the things available:

Img 20160819 144327 by MokkaQuill  Img 20160819 144806 by MokkaQuill  Img 20160914 191558 by MokkaQuill
Img 20160911 031346 by MokkaQuill  20160826 042153 by MokkaQuill  Img 20160822 001429 by MokkaQuill
Img 20160821 143320 by MokkaQuill  20160823 194033 by MokkaQuill  Img 20160922 144129 by MokkaQuill

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Please spare a moment to vote!

Fri Aug 12, 2016, 7:33 PM
Hey all!

I recently put up one of my designs on Qwertee. It needs at least 500 votes, and after a week, I've only got 150. Please, please, please, spare a moment to vote and spread the word! Thanks you all so much!

Vote here:…


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Fri Aug 12, 2016, 6:38 PM

I’ve had a lot of reports of art theft recently. The following are the places where you can buy my art:……

If you see my art ANYWHERE else, it is stolen. Please report it, and don’t buy it. Thanks so much!

Known STOLEN Art (Go ahead and report them)…

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Important Question!

Sat Aug 6, 2016, 8:59 AM
Has anyone tried to buy something from my shop and encountered an API error at checkout? If so, could you comment here or note me? Thanks!

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I Opened A Shop!!

Fri Aug 5, 2016, 10:48 AM

It sells badges and stickers! Check it out!
(And if you have any questions or notice a bug let me know!)

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Sun Jul 31, 2016, 10:36 AM
My commissions are open!! They will most likely close once I start Uni again, so if you want a commission, now's the time!

Price List is here: 

Also I'm offering a new type of commission-Screenshot redraw! (Such as the example below.) These will be £20+ depending on complexity (Pearl below would be £20)

Waitress Pearl by MokkaQuill

I have 10 slots available and you don't have to pay until I get to your point in the queue. Send me a note or comment if interested! 


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Manchester Comic Con

Fri Jul 29, 2016, 2:38 PM
Just a quick little journal to say I'll be at MCM Manchester tomorrow (Saturday) as Limb Enhanced Peridot, so if you're going and you see me come say hi! :D

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COMMISSIONS - OPEN! (Limited Slots!)

Sat May 14, 2016, 3:47 PM
I've finished Uni now, so commissions are open! My price list is here:

Mokka's Commission Price List

I'm opening 10 slots for now. If they get filled, then I'll close commissions until I've completed these 10, and then reopen them again.

Slot 1: OPEN
Slot 2: OPEN
Slot 3: OPEN
Slot 4: OPEN
Slot 5: OPEN
Slot 6: OPEN
Slot 7: OPEN
Slot 8: OPEN
Slot 9: OPEN
Slot 10: TAKEN :iconunholypens:


You can book a slot for free as I will not request payment until I get to you. If you cannot pay when it's your turn, I'll move on to the next person in the queue and then come back to you after (I understand people have to wait to be paid and such) as I do require payment in full before I start your commission.

If you would like to book a slot, please comment or note me using the following form:

Commission Type: (Such as full body, pixel icon, etc)
Colouring Style: (Flat, Cell Shaded or Full Shading)
Background: (Describe what you want and I'll tell you how much it will be)
Extra Characters: (Tell me how many extra characters you would like)
References: (Please include links to references if the character is your own)
Other: (Please include anything else you want me to know here).

I will then give you a quote and book you a slot ^_^

First come, first served!


-What currency do you use? 
My prices are in GBP, but Paypal will automatically convert your currency for you when you pay. 

-Aren't your prices a bit high?
Actually, not really! These prices are the absolute minimum I can charge without working below minimum wage

-What will you draw?
  •  WILL draw OC's (with proper reference), fanart, environments, creatures, humans and animals.
  •  I WON'T draw fetish art, extreme gore (A bit is okay), extreme violence, sexual art, hate art, nudity, etc
  •  If you're not sure, just ask!

-How do I request a slot?
Comment here or send me a note using the form above!

-When and how do I pay you?
I do not take any payment until I get to your commission in the queue (You don't need to pay to book a slot). When this happens, I'll send you an invoice on Paypal just before I start, and once I receive your payment, I'll begin!

-Do you do refunds?
My commissions are non-refundable unless I am no longer able to finish it for whatever reason, in which case you'll be refunded in full.

-How long will it take you to finish my commission?
Depends on how complex it is! Typically, no longer than a week from the start date, unless it's very complex. But if it does take longer than a week, I'll keep you updated, and you can request WIP's anytime.

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Fri May 13, 2016, 5:21 PM
Anyone going to Confuzzled (in Birmingham) at the end of this month? It'll be nice to meet some people there :D

And in case anyone is wondering what it is:

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VR!!! (HTC Vive)

Tue May 10, 2016, 3:36 PM
So my housemate bought a HTC Vive (I wish I had as big a student loan as him :'D). VR is amazing! I had a go in Tilt brush and I drew the only thing I could remember off the top of my head how to draw:

13187035 630592687099001 1694729175 N by MokkaQuill 13183756 630592660432337 1662541223 N by MokkaQuill 13144989 630592650432338 948137471 N by MokkaQuill

Nyeh heh heh

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[VIDEO] Peridot Discovers Photobooth

Sat Apr 30, 2016, 6:41 PM
Since the last Steven bomb ended, I've been working in secret on this silly idea. I finished it so here you go.

Also I know my Peri voice isn't the best it's actually improved a lot since I recorded this but oh well hopefully it's still funny x3

Also you can reblog it from here if you want:…

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